Data on Dublin L*nn*n events (key to abbreviations on index page)

ID E Ch.name Variant Year Q Date Sub-area Area S Extra 1 Extra 2 Age Extra 3 Type Ref. No Street Maiden
1101 l unknown o 1798         m abt.him+2sons toCastlereag   RebellionPapers rp 620/3/51/36      
1952 l unknown lennen 1831 1 31-Jan Booterstown Rathdown f h:Samuel     bapt.Mary pr DLHC      
9582 b Vera o 1899       Dublin S. f spinster   85 derived9581 r 2369      
6101 b Vera o 1927       Dublin N. f     6 derived6100 r 2279      
6100 d Vera o 1933 1   Dublin N. Dublin N. f     6   r 2279      

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