The overall market for Irish railwayana - some comments (2002-3)

click for 7K .jpg image of Waterford and TramoreW&T gate. Source: SRA602

First quarter 2002

Upcoming auctions are Malton 19/1 (nothing Irish evident in results), KRA 26/1 SRA 9/3, Solent 16/3 and GWRA 6/4. Results at KRA on 26 January were: single line tablet, 'Coleraine-Castlerock 20' £300, single line tablet alloy 'Bellarena-Castlerock 21' £150, brass key token 'LJ-CK 20' (believed Larne Jct.-Carrickfergus [but in fact LJ= Limavady Jct., LH= Lisahally and CK= Castlerock. Source: ECH]) £90, Bangor colour signal box diagram 9/3/1960 109x33cm £70, GSWR carriage plate 44 Inchicore Works 33x18cm £150, GSWR gate 28x28cm £42, alloy key token 'Rosslare Strand-Ballygeary' £30, DNGR cast iron boundary marker 23x13cm £500, miniature alloy staff 'Killucan-46th Mile Box' £30, miniature staff 'Wicklow-Newcastle' £120, alloy tablet 'York Rd.-Antrim 7' £120.

Talisman Railwayana Auctions on 11/2/02 had: Londonderry & Loughswilly Rly. small nickel Button 16mm. (F61/12). Exc. cond £ns. Small Irish Tinplate Communication Cord Warning Notice. Gaelic inscription in relief 153x98mm. vgc £33. Three Buttons. GER large gilt 28mm. (F3/1), Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Rly. Large brass 25mm. S & KLR around loco, Belfast Corporation Tramways large brass 25mm. Intertwined 'BCT' letters. All gc £18. Horseshoe Enamel d/sided hanging station sign 'Mallow' b/w. Both faces g.c. with edge chips only £74. Ulster Railway Luggage Labels 'UR Athlone via Clones' and 'Ballinderry via Lisburn'. Both vgc £ns.

SRA on 10/3/2002 had: 'Beyer Peacock & Co Ld 1921 Manchester' worksplate. Face polished and repainted only £180. Irish Railway enamel station sign lettered white on black "To Railway Station" (with pointing hand) £130. [Previously classified as CLR in data, but now not obvious.] Rectangular, 58x22, only minor hole chipping. Webb & Thompson single-line train staff with Annetts key, two cast brass plates 'Miltown' and 'Sugar Factory' £220. Stated DWWR line, [but really Milltown-Tuam Sugar Factory on Tuam-Claremorris line]. 65cm Unrestored. GWR coloured tinplate advertising sign 'The Fishguard Route Between England & Ireland', 46x38cm, very fine £1100.

The SRA Postal Auction March 2002 had: 'Narrow Gauge Railways of Ireland' by H. Fayle. £46, Clogher Valley Railway WTT commencing 5/9/1919 £65, Irish TTs including B&CDR May 1934, GNR(I) 1937-1938, UTA June 1950, CIE 1953, LMS-NCC 1933, etc. VGC. (9) £170, DWWR Tourist Guide 1901. 116pp plus adverts and folding maps. Laminated card coloured pictorial cover in fair condition. (1) £50, MGWR three Tourist Guides: 'Galway'; 'Achill'; and 'Connemara'. All comprise 16pp of text and photos with cream card covers lettered in blue, red and green respectively. gc. £48, CBSCR Tourist Guide 'The Prince of Wales route to Glengariff and The Lakes of Killarney' 1905. 3¾" x 8". Colourfully printed outer covers in good condition. £32, 'Cook's Tours in the Emerald Isle 1922.' 82pp, green paperback & white pictorial cover. Details tours and accommodation in Ireland. £ns, MR - NCC Guide to Tours in North of Ireland - Giant's Causeway and Antrim Coast, 1905. Repaired spine and lacking one map, VGC otherwise. £34, GNR (I) bookmark: 'The Enterprise - Non-stop Expresses Belfast - Dublin.' Adverts on both sides. Green on white. £ns, Midland Station Hotel, Belfast, tie-on Luggage Label. Maroon print on brown paper with art deco design. Print date 5/40. VGC. £120.

RCJ202 has the (Onslows) MGWR poster in full colour on back cover, references to NCC Glenaan plate (of personal interest because I have this plate or obverse) and ad for GNRI small button at £2.

Nothing much at Talisman in March except labels, buttons and a bottle. Lot 79 Waterford & Limerick Railway (untitled) Luggage Label 'Ballyglunin'. vgc. Lot 80 Untitled Irish Luggage Label 'Oxford via Dublin and North Wall' black on white 95 x 51mm. Co. uncertain. vgc. Lot 81 'Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford Railway' full title Luggage Labels 'Carlow' & 'Bradford'. Diff. styles. g.c. Lot 82 As previous lot but 3 labels with 'D.W &W.R' initials heading (All diff. styles of type face). 'Armagh, Balbriggan and Omagh'. The last one stained.(3) Lot 278 'Great Northern Railway Ireland' set of 3 brass buttons. Large, medium & small (F61/14). All vgc. Lot 380 Clear glass crown top Bottle embossed 'LMS NCC Hotels' (Northern Counties Committee) good cond.

The March issue of RCJ (No.117) has pictures on the cover of WTR and MGWR gates and a WCI trespass. These are already illustrated on my other site but it is nice to see other examples. Part 1 of Tim Petchey's article on railway mileposts includes the Baltimore Extension Railway (with a picture of a full milepost) and the BNCR (with milepost 31, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4). There was a telephone auction of buttons on 22 March advertised. It included MGWR 25mm brass (F62/10), BCDR 18mm brass (F61/2) and GSWR 17mm nickel (F62/9).

Second quarter 2002

Onslows on 11/4/02 had a number of posters of Irish interest. Of particular significance are the LLSR poster 'The Wilds of Donegal' (£1300) and GSR Breslin 'L'Irlande' (£ns). There are also LMS Paul Henry posters Connemara (£1400), Lough Derg (£850), Donegal (£800) & Wicklow (£1100) and a BR, also Paul Henry, Lough Derg (£ns), an LMS Hubbard Northern Ireland (£ns), a Travel to Ireland by Rail (£200), a BR door-to-door container service to NI ( £30) and several tourist posters (Lots 179, 185, 186 and 392 ).

RCJ 118 (April) has the second part of railway mileposts article by Tim Petchey which has a photo of CBSCR 3/4 post (stone angled faces and round 'knob' on top). There is also an article on 'D' plates with a photo of CIE 12 tons plate 17354. An article on the Winchcombe Railway Museum, notes that it holds CDRJC nameplate 'Eske', DNGR '2' and NCC '82' cabsides, luggage rack supports from the Skull and Skibbereen, a 'Broadstone-Galway' cast iron carriage destination plate, DNGR, CDRJC and GNRI coa, DSER, BCDR, BNCR, MRNCC, LMSNCC wagon plates, an LMSNCC Ballymena 1945 builders' plate, axleboxes from Cavan, Leitrim and Roscommon and the Clogher Valley, a GNRI home signal , a GSR rotating ground signal, a CBSCR Webb and Thompson staff and CIE miniature staffs. There is an advertisement for items which includes a mounted brass bell - from Belfast Tram - £125. Another has NCC locomotive plans, in blue format, of Class W and WT Tank at £2.50 each. Nothing reported of Irish interest in Solent auction in March.

GWRA on 6 April had: GS&WR (Irish) 3 aspect Handlamp, brass plated SWINFORD 3 and also stamped SWINFORD 3 on the side. Reducing cone nicely stamped GSWR as is the original reservoir. The burner is unmarked (£200).

Malton on 13 April had a GSWR unrestored gate £115, an MV Cambria carriage print £18 and a BR Northern Ireland (Lander) poster £42. Kidlington on 21 April had a BR Ireland Overnight poster (£50), W&T 'Bagnalstown- Palace East' staff with key (£250) and a 'Clonakilty Junction-Ballinascarthy Jc' (£240), a GSWR gate (£40), an LMSNCC wooden cased train describer plated 'To Greenisland-Down Line' describer also plated 'Larne' and with train types including 'Express Passenger' 'RailCar' and 'Light Engine' 41x35x23 cm (£250), a miniature staff 'Trim-Kilmessan Jct.' (£160), rectangular brass tablets 'Dunloy-B.Boyland 27' (£170), 'C.backey-Dunloy 27' (£160), and an interesting rectangular 48x24 cm '106' cast iron plate with rounded corners described as a 'BCDR' bridge (£100) - while the '1' not standard MR, would suspect from the '0' and '6' that bridge may be BNCR rather than BCDR.

Great Central Auctions on 15-16 May had: Lot 39 Tyers No 6 single line tablet 'Ballymena-Cullybacky' circular alloy; Lot 142 CIE WTT 17/9/1956 94pp; Lot 148 GNRI WTT 14/4/1946 51pp; Lot 162 Rectangular Single line tablet 'P'Pass-Newry' alloy 5x11.4cm; Lot 277 CDRJC timetables 2/4/1945 4pp; Lot 383 Rectangular Single Line Tablet 'Lisahally-Eglinton' 5x11.4cm; Lot 544 CIE dr poster Ireland by CIE photo view of loco hauled train alongside the Avonmore River 'A-class' folded with little edge wear; Lot 724 CIE staff lapel badge orange/black/chrome with pin, 2cm dia. (but DC believes that the small lapel badge is a repro, sold commercially a few years back, never actually part of staff uniform. Has broken wheel logo).

RCJ 119 (May) has a letter that a photo of Quorn in RCJ 118 shows a GNRI fireplace fender.It also has an auction of luggage labels, with illustrations including - DWWR to Armagh, Northern Railway (Ireland) Dunleer-Markethill, GNRI to North Wall, Chester, Leeds and GSWR to Northampton, Merthyr and Torquay.

SRA on 15 June had: MGWR small cast-iron gate notice lettered 'MGWR. Notice. Any Person Opening And Neglecting To Shut This Gate Incurs A Penalty Of 40 Shillings'. Rectangular with scalloped corners, 30x19 cm, repainted a long time ago. £450, 'Robert Stephenson & Co Ltd No. 3454 Darlington 1911' worksplate GNRI No. 168. Hexagonal cast brass, 28x13 cm. £650, BR(WR) poster 'Southern Ireland'. Merriott. d.r., Rolled, virtually mint. £650, WTR gate lettered 'W & T R. Notice. Any Person Omitting To Shut And Fasten This Gate Is Liable To A Penalty Of Forty Shillings'.30x30cm double scallop corners. £2800, 'Nasmyth Wilson & Co Limited No. 1428-1924 Patricroft Manchester' worksplate from GNRI No. 15. Triangular cast brass, 36x14 cm. £680, 'GNR(I) 1926 Dundalk' worksplate. A rebuild plate oval cast brass, 21x11 cm.£220, 'Beyer Peacock & Co Ld 1920 Manchester' worksplate. BCDR, CBSCR or GNRI. Oval cast brass, 24x14 cm.£240, GNRI full title cast-iron Trespass. 57x28, repainted. £130, GNRB coa largest of three versions 55x55 cm. A little restoration.£40, GSWR tenderplate 'GS&WR No. 173. 1874'. Rectangular, 25x15 cm, unrestored. £170, W&T staff, brass plates stamped 'Killeagh' and 'Youghal'. No Annetts key end. Original red paint. £420, DNGR Trespass. Euston Station London 1945. 11 lines of text. 66x48 cm. Repainted. £1375, GSWR cast-iron 'Great Southern & Western Railway Time Tables'. Rectangular, 77x15 cm, repainted. £100.

The SRA postal auction had: The Irish Commercial & Railway Gazetteer, showing every town and village in Ireland, compiled by J.F. Leggatt, 2nd edition, 1893. 93pp £40, Cork & Youghal Share Certificate for £400. 1861. Certificate No. 17 made out to Lady Maria Thackwell. £100, Sligo & Ballaghaderreen Jct Railway Co. Share Certificate for 34 £10 shares 1872. £85, Ballinscarthy & Timoleague Jct. Light Railway Co. Share Certificate for 35 'Perpetual Baronial Guarantee Shares' dated 1917. £42, Limerick & Kerry Railway Co. Share Certificate for 20 shares dated 1879. £80, Limavady & Dungiven Railway Co. Share Certificate 1882. £42, GSWR Time & Fare Tables dated October 1909 48pp paperback complete with fold-out map. £120, Cork & Muskerry Railway 'Tourist Guide to Blarney' 1910. A pocket guide with text, photographs and timetable £90, 19 CLR Luggage Labels with some duplication £60, 38 DWWR Luggage Labels, some duplication, one fully titled example. £65, 65 GSWR and GNR(I) Luggage Labels including many coloured examples to UK mainland destinations. Some duplication £24, GSRI: Two coloured luggage labels from the Great Southern Hotel chain for the hotels at Kenmare and Sligo. Kenmare example has view of hotel, whilst the Sligo shows view of porter £50, Postcards. Assortment of 100 locos and trains postcards incl. BNCR, GNR(I), LMS-NCC, CVBT, MGWR, GSWR, etc. (some plain backs)£75, Co. Donegal Railways 46 X 56 letterpress poster 'Excursion Season 1936' with details of various Irish beauty spots. Green printing on white. Folded, good £46

TRA on 17-18 June had: GNRI large 3asp. Handlamp. Stamped "GNR(I)" in rear handle box and in original vessel. All glasses good, complete, restored £100, GSWR small cast iron Gate Notice. Face rest. only. 282 x 273mm £54, MGWR Enamel Trespass Notice dated 'May 1909'. 452x 327mm Black on white. Substantial chipping £25, A cast iron GNRI Fender with raised letters. Restored 1030mm. long with 255mm. returns £42, MGWR bridge 690£25, MRNCC large brass 25mm button, full title around wyvern. (F61/4) £43. RCJ120 noted two GSWR signal arms in Tony Peart Doncaster collection and had several buttons advertised without prices: BCR 23mm brass F61/3, 16mm brass F61/3, CBPR 25mm nickel F62/5, 18mm nickel F62/5, GNRI 25mm brass F61/14 and an Ulster Railways 16mm brass (not in F). Malton on 22/6 had a GNRI signal lever collar at £20.

Third quarter 2002

RCJ No.121 (July 2002) included the GNRI and GSWR (noting stone, oval, Inchicore works and cast iron 'V' shaped with rounded corners varieties, with pictures of each set) in the Editor's ongoing series of mileposts of the British Isles. Tony Peart commented on a trip to Ireland, noting two types of GSWR chairs in use at Cork station and DWWR, DSER, GNRI, GSWR, GSR and two types of CIE chairs in Wexford station. He remarked on a bracket signal of lattice construction at New Ross with a DSER home arm. In a further article on the Winchcombe Railway Museum there was a photo of 'Eske' and a report that signal lever number and description plates there include the GSR, and signal lever collars, the LMSNCC and GNRI. The collection also contained staff tickets from the Schull and Skibbereen.

TRA on 19/8 had: GNRI 'Health, Golfing, Angling and Tourist Resorts'. 47pp 1925 illustrated. Small tears to front cover o/wise v.g.c £ns. CIE chrome & enamel Cap Badge. on a white rectangle against a blue plain 'wing'. As Frog. plate 63 but without job title. v.g.c. comp. with back lugs £10. 'GSWR Look Out' enamel Armband. General edge chips & scuffs and lacking straps £35. Framed and glazed official works Photo of a MGWR 2-6-0 Locomotive No. 400 built in workshop lined grey livery. 757 x 576mm o/a frame £106. MRNCC cast iron 5 line Trespass Notice in original condition still fastened to a short stub of angle iron upright. 495x300mm.£98 GSWR glazed earthernware 'Landmine' Inkwell. incised "GS&WR" on face. One tiny chip to shoulder £90. LMS Quad Royal Poster '5 Routes to Ireland'. F.H. Glipbrook. Edge tears and where the folds meet £310. 10 GWR Irish Routing Luggage Labels. 10 diff. incl. print types pre & post group incl. 'Via Fishguard & City of Cork Steam Packet Co.' & 'Via Waterford direct boat'. All v.g.c. £44. Oval cast iron Bridgeplate 'GNRI 206' unrest.£44. Carriage Print 'TSS Duke of Lancaster British Railways Heysham - Belfast Service', Buckle. In non orig. black/gold glazed frame £23. Wagonplate 'LMS NCC 1167'. Front restored. Back painted. 350x175mm.£61

RCJ No.122 (September) continued to look at the Winchcombe Museum. In pictures of assorted signs there, one can pick out an GSWR Ormsby and a DWWR trespass and there is a photo of a LLSR time table board. The text notes that the Museum has a Cavan & Leitrim 'To Railway Station', a DSER wooden board with iron letters 'Aughrim', a 'GNRI Water' manhole cover and a cast iron GNRI seat back plate 'Dungannon'. In a wagon plates article by the editor, there is a photo of BNCR 151. A luggage label auction (Somerset Railwayana) in conjunction with the RCJ has a lot comprising a green GNRI to London (Euston) and a white with purple lettering to Manchester via North Wall & Holyhead, a GNRI lot to Donegal via Strabane and to Dublin (Amiens St.), two GSWR lots, one to Killaloe and to Mullinavat, the other to Killeagh and to Patrick's Well, and a separate DWWR Balbriggan. Part 5 of the Railway mileposts article includes a photo of a 3/4 milepost from the Londonderry & Coleraine Railway (taken over by the BNCR in 1871) and description 'oval cast iron plate 8 inches wide by 5 1/4 high with a 3/8 inch wide flat-topped raised border. The plate fits on to the top of a 2 inch square 'T' section wrought iron post by means of a socket cast into its lower edge locating over a protruding spur at the top of the post. It is held in place by a single rivet through both pieces.' There is also an article on signal finials. It notes that 'another contractor with a distinctive finial was Dutton & Co. of Worcester, a next door neighbour to McKenzie & Holland. Dutton did work for quite a variety of railways and their finials could be found on the Cambrian, Highland, Isle of Man, Londonderry & Lough Swilly, Great Northern (Ireland), even on the Vale of Rheidol Light. Duttons'^pattern varied but slightly in detail, but was always of cruciform pattern quite unlike any other with its outward-pointing 'fingers'. Even simpler than the GER's cap was that employed later on by the GNR(I). This did deign to reach to a point of sorts, which can hardly be said of the LNWR's cap.' Included are many photos although it is not totally obvious which is which. There is also an advert for offers for a 'To Ireland by the new Fishguard Route' enamel.

SRA on 14/9 had: GNR No. 115 Nasmyth Wilson No. 1425-1924 worksplate, Triangular cast brass, 36 x 13cm. A little damage to one of the hole rims £550. A GNRI Dundalk worksplate 1917, either No. 93 or 74, £200. A Metropolitan-Vickers 1955 worksplate from CIE Class A. Rectangular cast brass, 46x13cm, unrestored £260. A W&CIR cast iron Trespass, 33x47cm, repainted, slight crack across the bottom £2200. W&T 'Newtonstewart-Victoria Bridge' cast brass plates no Annetts key end £ns. A CDRJC mounted early gold leaf coa 34x34cm £105. UTA Antrim Road - Costelloe q.r. poster, folds minor edge nicks £300. BR(M) 1952 Giants Causeway - Lander d.r. poster £100. BR(M) Sheephaven - Henry d.r. poster, fold creases £480. GSWR full title cast-iron Ormsby Trespass 7 lines of text. 48x36cm lugs intact £180. GNR(I) 1917 Dundalk oval 21x11cm brass worksplate (either No.93 or No. 74) £200. miniature staff, brass collar engraved 'Headford Jcn-Killarney'. B configuration. 23cm long £170. DWWR full title cast-iron Trespass. 7 lines of text. February 1905. M.F. Keogh. 77x56cm, repainted £1150. GSWR cast-iron gate 27x28cm, repainted, £65. W&T with Annetts key end and two brass plates 'Ballinderry(cast)-Crumlin(stamped)' £ns. GNRI full title cast-iron Trespass. 4 lines of text. Rectangular, 57x29cm, unrestored £300. MR NCC cast-iron Trespass. 5 lines of text. Rectangular, 50x30cm, unrestored £100. W&T staff cast brass plates 'Dungannon-Trew & Moy' £120. Annetts key end. Unrestored. MGWR full title cast-iron Bridge Weight sign. 6 lines of text. Broadstone 7th May 1891. George Wm. Greene. Rectangular, 94x55cm, repainted £750. Lot 523 MGWR 755 cast-iron 29x20cm bridge £40.

The SRA Postal auction had: Lot 597 P.Whitehouse: Tralee & Dingle Railway', 76pp, est£10. Lot 701 RCH Railway Map of Ireland 1927. est£20. Lot 766 GNRI collection of PTTs. 13 different from 1931 - 1953 est£50. Lot 767 collection of 9 Irish PTTs including examples from CIE, CDRJC, LMS-NCC, etc., period 1939 - 1953. est£30. Lot 957 84 GNR(I), BNCR, MRNCC luggage, little duplication. est£15. Lot 1005 GSR official postcard Hotel Parnasilla Co. Kerry. est£4. Lot 1208 28 35mm colour slides all Irish Railways and Narrow Gauge 1950s/60s from Colour Rail/Steam & Sail. est£15. Lot 1221 GWR Mountains of Killarney. 150 pcs. jigsaw Puzzle: VGC. Lift lid box: Fair. est£30. Lot TJ: GNRI/GNRB. 300 whole Edmondsons, mostly audit, together with a few punch type. est£30. Lot TK: UTA. 350 whole Edmondsons, mostly issued. est£40. Lot TM: 140 whole Irish Edmondsons and a similar quantity of severed halves. Mix of issued and audit. est£10. Lot TN: Irish. 170 whole Edmondsons from various Irish companies including DNGR, LLSR, GSWR, BCDR, SLR, LMSNCC, etc. mostly audit. Together with a quantity of severed halves from a wide range of Irish companies.est£50.

Cundalls on 28/9 had just two posters: MV Duke of Lancaster(Buckle) £22, MV Cambria(Buckle) £14 and a miniature staff 'Ballygeary-Rosslare Strand' £48.

Fourth quarter 2002

KRA on 2/10 had a W&T staff 'Pomeroy-Beragh' with key £ns, BR(W) qr poster 'Fishguard-Rosslare' by John S Smith. vgc, rolled. £460, miniature staff 'Waterford West-Kilmeadan' £210, W&T staff 'Patrickswell-Ballingran' £ns, GSWR cast iron gate notice £30, BR(M) poster Heysham £75, BR(W) poster Fishguard.. (Smyth) £460.

TRA in October, as well as a number of luggage and hotel labels, had: GNRI crest Transfer on slightly warped mahogany panel 516x505mm £20, GNR(I) 202 cast iron bridge unrestored £35, tinplate Gaelic Communication Cord Notice 152x98mm £35.

Solent in October had no Irish items.

A one-off sale of railwayana by Bearne's of Exeter on 30/10/02 had two BR posters 'Dublin-Holyhead' quad £100 and 'Ireland it is' dr £ 95.
Onslows on 1/11/02 had a Railway Commissioners' Map of Ireland £260, and LMS 'Northern Ireland' Hubbard, printed by Jordison, qr. 102x127cm, small tears to margin, est.£600-800 - result £450 and LMS 'Warrenpoint, Co. Down' Rosenvinge, published by LMS Best Way Series No 32, printed by McCorquodale qr. 102x63cm folds est.£400-500 - result £360, posters. Results for Eric Lander 'Northern Ireland, the Amphitheatre Giants Causeway' published by RELMR 1952, printed by Waterlow, 102x63cm est.£200-250, Breslin 'Ireland the land of eternal youth' published by GSR for display in France, printed by Alex Thom, 102 x 63cm est.£200-300, and Paul Henry 'Loch Derg, Ireland for holidays', published by LMS 1949, printed by Jordison, 102x63cm small tears est.£600-800, have not been published. The next poster auction there is on 2nd May 2003.

GWRA in November had: Tickets, approx 170 Irish including 8 GNR(I) including fold-out multi travel via Caledonian Railways, 12 BCDR, 10 CIE, 4 SLCR, 17 LLSR, 22 SLNCR, 63 CDRJC, and 39 UTA. Most whole Edmondsons, a few paper £10.

SRA on 7/12 had: MRNCC Accommodation Crossing notice. 50x30cm, unrestored, £90, GSR bi-lingual bridge restriction enamel sign, 13 lines text in 2 languages. 91x46cm. vgc but hole and minor chip repairs, £140, Miniature staff with key end, 4 brass rings and collar stamped 'Limerick Junction-Tipperary'. 'A' configuration. 24cm long, original condition (barrel slightly bent) £260, Poster. UTA. 'Northern Ireland. Spelga Pass, Mountains of Mourne'. Col. photo. qr. Folds, otherwise mint, £75, W&T train staff, Annetts key end, brass plates 'St Johnston(cast)- Strabane(stamped)', 5 brass rings. 66cm. Unrestored, £98, nameplate 'LIFFEY', curved 44cm, engraved brass, No. 206. Built BP, Works No. 6961 in 1948, Class V Compound 4-4-0's, face polished and repainted only, £4800, LMSNCC 8-slice toast rack, by Walker & Hall, top-marked with the 'LMS NCC' block motif; as is a pair of accompanying LMS NCC grape-scissors. Both items in good, original condition, £50.

RCJ 123 November/December had a photo of a DUTC button. TRA on 16-17 December had Three Irish Guide Booklets 'Ulster for the Motorist' 104pp. 'Official Guide to Killarney' 64pp. 1955 & GSR 'Ireland Gem of the Sea' 86pp. 1936, £20 and GNRI triangular cast iron '1/4' Milepost Head. Face rest. only £64. It also had UTA Luggage Labels 'GN Hotel Rostrevor' £47 and 'Laharna Hotel Larne' £47.

First quarter 2003

Malton on 18/1/03 had a UTA brown stoneware ashtray £16.

TRA on 27/1/03 had a number of lots comprising tickets (including Hill of Howth, DNGR staff, CDRJC Caution, NIR), luggage labels (DWWR, GSR, GSWR, MRNCC, UR, BNCR, GNRI, CLR, SLNCR) and other paperwork. The Railway Collectors' Journal No. 123 of Feb. 2003 had: In part 4 of review of Wincombe Railway Museum there is a reference to "a Donegal Railway sheet of 1893 which gives 'Short Particulars of Offence for which Penalties are Imposed'", a "Midland Great Western (Ireland)" fender and "the sole station hand bell is from the Great Southern & Western Railway" Results of KRA103 Moate/73rd Mile staff - £160, cutlery LMS/NCC etc. 5 pieces £46. An article on the North British Loco Co. (merger of Glasgow companies - Dübs, Neilson Reid and Sharp Stewart) and its works nos. has an overall figure of 11 locos built for Ireland.

Talisman 24-25/2/03 had: Great Southern & Western Railway Guards brass Thunderer Whistle marked "GS & WR 1498" on the sides. f.w.o., £105. Midland Rly Northern Counties Committee "NCC" ornate script Coach Transfer nicely mounted onto a framed maroon painted panel. Minor scuffs in a couple of places. 454x428mm, £25. Rare Paper Bag printed "The Great Southern Hotels etc., etc." Lists 7 company hotels and 24 station refreshment rooms. Creases & light stains plus a "Great Southern Hotel, Killarney" ornate unused headed piece of notepaper, £30. Burns & Laird Shipping Lines Ltd. Off folding Pubs. Irish Tourist Map Brochure 1928, 2 nice diff. Glasgow - Belfast booklets and 3 Scotland - Ireland fare & timetables. All v.g.c. 1927-28, £18. Coras Iompair Eireann wing shaped enamel & nickel Cap Badge "C.I.E. Porter" (Frog. Pl. 63). v.g.c. £32.

SRA on 8/3/03 had: A Harpers 2-position semaphore block instrument. displaying a tall brass signal, with finial, with "Up Line" and "Down Line" plates; and a circular brass commutator revealing three flags - "Train Off But Section Blocked" (black on green), "Train On Line" (white on red), "All Clear" (black on white), bottom plunger missing £500. A Clogher Valley Railway Company original gold leaf garter arms transfer mounted on board. 34x37 cm, £150. LMSNCC abbreviated title cast-iron Accommodation Crossing Gates notice. 7 lines of text, 48x29 cm, £240. GSR(I) white china ashtray, made by Arklow with the gold rim top lettered in blue "Great Southern Hotels Ireland" and the top centre similarly "G.S.H.", Gold cigarette notches. 9.5 cm diameter, £52 Webb & Thompson large single line train staff, with Annetts key end, stamped "Doonbeg-Kilmurry" 26". Unrestored, £330. A LMSNCC cordial glass with the full etched Company title crest and scroll clear on the side, 10 cm tall, £50.

The SRA Postal Auction on 17/3/03, had: The Irish Commercial & Railway Gazetteer compiled by J Leggatt MGWR 1907. Hardback, 98pp, spine very poor and front cover nearly detached, £36, CONROY JC: "A History of Railways in Ireland." Hardback, 386pp, green clothbound covers, pub. by Longmans in 1928, £110, Four UTA 1960s leaflets; GNR(I) Timetable 1956; CIE Timetable 1956; two CIE leaflets 1950s; Northern Irish Tourist Board 1950s leaflets (10) £24, RCH Map of Ireland. Dmf into clothbound covers with title in gold on front. Dated 1902. Well worn front cover detached, £85, Public TT: GNR(I) dated September 1927; CDRJC dated September 1956. Both VGC;, £97 LNWR 4pp handbill for West Coast Royal Mail Route between England & Ireland and England & Scotland. Printed on green paper, c.1890s. Details parcels conveyance on the service, £42, GSWR brochure: "Hints to American Tourists Landing at Queenstown." Coloured card covers, 16pp, dated 1903, £32, GSWR fold-out Map of Ireland. Nice coloured pictorial cover showing Kingsbridge station with coloured map. Reverse gives information useful for the American Tourist. Dated 1893. £55, MRNCC Tourist Programme 1909. 112pp booklet with fold-out map with coloured pictorial covers showing Dunluce, Carrick-a-Rede and Giant's Causeway. VGC., £110, GNR(I) Tourist and Excursion Summer Programme 1893. Coloured pictorial covers showing major tourist destinations; 84pp plus fold-out map. Covers worn (especially rear cover) with tear and loss along edge. £55. GSR(I) official publication "Ireland - Gem of The Sea." Illustrated covers showing man on donkey. 80+pp plus fold-out map, pub. 1935. A little worn, but OK generally. £ns, GSR Omnibus Department "Eucharist Congress, Budapest" leaflet May 1938 - "Visit Ireland on your way home." VGC. Unusual. £10, Cork & Muskerry Railway 12pp leaflet "Tourist Route to Blarney." Pocket sized, paperback, with photograph of Carrigrohane on front. Dated June 1911. £20, GSR Hotel Label for "Killarney-Ireland" unusually self adhesive with brown backing paper still intact. The adhesive employed has given the label a brown background. £20, Newry & Armagh Railway two Luggage Labels: Castlebellingham; Maguire's Bridge; with printers details at base: "John Wright's Machine Works Newry." £34, An album containing over 200 Luggage Labels from a number of different Irish companies including some harder to find examples. Believed no duplication. (Qty) £90, 650 Luggage Labels from pre- and post-Grouping, Irish and French companies including GWR, Cambrian, Colne Valley, GNR, G&SWR, L&YR, LT&SR, NLR, NBR, NER, SER, etc. (Qty) £170, Album containing 26 Irish railways and 57 BR Luggage, Parcels and Letter Sorting Office Labels, including transitional types. Some rarities noted. All appear to be different. Loose mounted. (83) £18, GSWR official correspondence card "Upper Lake Killarney" and "Blarney Castle," dated 1899 (GSWI011A). Plain back. Rare. £20, GSWR official correspondence card "Meeting of the Waters" and "Muckross Abbey," dated 1901 (GSWI012). UB. Rare. (1) £20, A small collection of coat-of-arms and armorial device transfers as affixed to locomotives, rolling stock, etc. The railway examples are from North Eastern Railway (3 of two different designs), MGWR (Ireland), East India Railway and South African Railway. in variable condition, some have tears at the edges (11) £40, GNR(I) 36x25 cm letterpress poster "A Day At The Seaside" showing services to Malahide, Skerries, Balbriggan, Drogheda, Etc. Dated 1884. (1) £50, LMS(NCC): 34 whole and one half tickets of which 14 are undated, 2 have (Bd) [Unless noted by the reference (Bd), the backs are not marked in any way] and four are creased. £170, UTA: 85 whole and one half tickets. 22 are undated, five have creases, one return is re-joined and one has (Bd). £170, GNR(I) BOARD/NIR: 35 whole and 5 half Edmondson tickets, again from John's [the late John Britton] main collection. Similar comments re stations apply but this time 11 are issued. 2 of the halves are scruffy. £130, Box of Railway Books and mags incl. Irish Railway Record Society Journals. (Qty) £110.

Solent on 15 March had: Large single line staff 'CASTLEBAR-MANULLA JUNCTION'. Steel construction c/w hexagonal brass end with locations stamped on and usual brass rings. Unrestored. GC. 58cm long, £80, Small staff 'DROMKEEN-LIMERICK JCN E'. Cast alloy with usual rings arrow head and stamped locations. GC. 27 cm long, £130, Small staff 'DROMKEEN-KILLONAN JCTN D'. Cast alloy with usual rings flat rounded end, which has stamped locations. GC. 27 cm long, £120, C/I Belfast and Northern Counties Railway branding iron 'BNCR', original condition,£30, Small staff 'MULLINGAR WEST-ATHLONE EAST F'. Cast steel with usual rings c/w brass flat end, which has stamped locations. GC. 30 cm long, £40, A pair of C/I LMS Northern Counties Committee Carriage Plates. Originate from LMS built 5' 3" gauge carriage. Consists 1) Builders plate 'LMS LOT NO 1325 1942'. Oval 13 x 9 cm. 2) Carriage dimension plate '57' - 0" x 9' - 9"'. Rectangular/rounded ends 32 x 8 cm. Both removed at Antrim before coach was scrapped and are unrestored. GC, £60, Small staff 'MULLINGAR WEST-CASTLETOWN A'. Cast steel with usual rings c/w brass flat end, which has stamped locations. GC. 24 cm long, £40, C/I Belfast and Northern Counties Committee Wagon Plate 'BNCR 105' Rectangular with rounded corners. Unrestored. GC. 35x17 cm., £60, Collection of (31) Shipping, Rail and Coach Handbills. Covers BR shipping routes to Ireland and Irish bus/train services. Also includes some booklets. All GC, £56, Large staff 'BALLINEEN-DUNMANWAY'. Steel construction c/w brass location plates and usual brass rings. Unrestored with traces of red paint. GC. 58 cm long, £140.

RCJ126 of March had a half page 'A Collector's Tale from Ireland' mentioning GSWR gate replicas, useful coverage of the 17xxx range of NBL worksplates (6 locos to Ireland), and an ad for a hallmarked silver cigarette case engraved in full 'London, Midland & Scottish Railway Company Northern Counties Committee 1933' 7.6cm square £175 ono.

Second quarter 2003

Malton, on 12/4/2003, had: a Fishguard-Rosslare Share cert £7 and an alloy 'Maynooth-Kilcock' staff £145.

KRA on 26/4/2003 had: A cast alloy carriage board 'DUBLIN-CORK', 116x13 cm. Unrestored £180, A miniature staff 'CARRICK-DRUMSNA', £230, A GNRI large belted garter coat-of-arms transfer mounted on a shield shaped backboard. Obviously old, this was probably displayed in the boardroom or important office. GC for its age. 56x61 cm. On the back is an extract from The Railway Gazette detailing the various features of the crest, £130, A cast iron plate LMS NCC Track Circuit No 19 with downward pointing arrow. Oval 29x22 cm. Front repainted, £150, A Tyers key token instrument with single dial, pointer and brass bell push and fittings. VGC. £620 An Irish enamel notice 'Please do not Spit in the Carriages...'. Light and dark blue on white, 41x11 cm. Some edge chips but GC for its age, £170, A cast alloy carriage board 'FAILTE' 84x13 cm, Front repainted, £190.

RCJ126 of April had an ad for staff and tablets repeated on online auction noted below and offers invited for a 'Ballyshannon' carriage print, some water damage, framed, cracked at bottom.

The on line auction was advertising a 'Patrickswell to Ballingran' staff at £140, Irish No 6 Alloy tablets - 'Cullybackey-Ballymena' and 'Castlerock-Coleraine' at £85 each, and a modified No 6 tablet 'Lisahally-Eglington' at £45 in April/May. There was nothing of particular Irish interest in RCJ128 of May 2003.

GWR on 10/5 had: 3 LMS B/W Carriage Prints incl. Glen Garriff, complete with original glass but no frames £110. Worksplate Beyer Peacock 1912 Manchester. Could be Midland Railway, the CBSCR, GNRI, the Western Australia or Victoria Railways £160. GWR Jigsaw Mountains Of Killarney in an orange book type box. Complete g.c., approx 200 pieces, £50.

RCJ129 of June had a comment from a reader offered a WDLR gate "as new as a spring lamb" at a market in Kenmare, pictures of tramway buttons, incl. Belfast Corporation Tramways, and an add for a Burgh-le-Marsh swopmeet and auction on 5 July, which included LMSNCC Cabside '5' which sold for £283.

Onslows on 2/5/03 had posters: Two GSR Breslin 'Ireland..eternal youth' A.Thom 102x63cm first est. £200-300 second £200-400, but £ns, with picture of the second, LMS, Henry, Lough Derg 102x63 est. £500-600, but £ns, with picture , a BR(LMR) version of same est. £600-800 but £ns, and Lot 494 LMS Priall 'Giants Causeway' 102x63 mounted on linen est. £400-600, realised £400.

A catalogue for a George Kidner auction on 17/5/2003, had a number of Irish items: GSWR cast gate sign, 27x28.5cm. Good original condition. £45, CIE cast wagon "D" plate "12 tons" No.26358. est. £18, CIE cast wagon "D" plate "40 tons" No.30115, unrestored, £5, CIE cast wagon "D" plate "20 tons" No.27233, unrestored, £5, CIE cast wagon "D" plate "20 tons" No.26544, £5, CIE cast axle box cover No.27, £8, Irish double-sided enamel sign "To Railway Station" (with pointing hand), white letters on black background, 58x22cm, minor hole chipping. £100, GSWR full title cast Trespass sign, eight lines, 48x34.5cm plus shaped fixing holes to top and bottom, possibly restored, est. £48, GSWR ornate cast milepost No.26, "Inchicore Works 1892 GSWR", height 129cm. Restored. est £100, GSWR ornate cast milepost inscribed "Inchicore Works 1892 GSWR" (no number), height 129cm. Restored, est. £30, SLNCR - Table of Offences & Penalties poster, dated 1/8/1922, 69x43cm, top right hand corner missing, £16, SLNCR - "By-Laws and Regulations" poster, dated 16/11/1904, 67x45cm., one small tear, £20.

SRA on 14 June had: Poster. BR(LMR) 'Lough Derg. Ireland For Holidays'. Paul Henry. d.r. Folds. Minor edge fold nicks £320, Poster. Ulster Transport. 'Headlands of Northern Ireland'. Norman Wilkinson. d.r. Folds. Minor edge wear and staining £220, poster 'Heysham for Belfast', dr £100, Great Southern & Western Railway (Ireland) large staff, 5 brass rings and brass plates cast 'Mountain Stage' and 'Glenbeigh'. 58 cm. No. Annetts key end, £210, Poster. BR(WR) 'Fishguard-Rosslare. Shortest Sea Route to Southern Ireland'. John S. Smith. q.r. Folds. VGC. £ns, A BCDR coffee-saucer, by Dunn Bennett, on the top a large, red crest and scroll 'Belfast & County Down Railway' and wording 'Slieve Donard Hotel'. A broad royal blue band decoration outlined in gold. 12 cm diameter. Minor crazing but no chips, £30, A Webb & Thompson staff with 5 brass rings and cast brass plates 'Killorglin'; 'Castlemaine', 58 cm long (no Annetts key) £210, A combined miniature single-line staff and token with four metal rings; a brass Annetts key end, and a brass end collar lettered C/D and engraved 'Killarney Jct For Mallow'/' Lombardstown'. 24 cm long. In original condition except the barrel repainted green, £200, GSR china ashtray orange design in centre on green background, large black full Company title garter arms on base, 11 cm square, with slightly indented sides, £30.

The SRA June postal auction had: Lot 711 Cork & Youghal share certificate for £400 preference stock dated 1861. Blue printing, not cancelled, neat overstamp of return payments est.£25, Lot 712 Waterford Wexford Wicklow & Dublin Railway Co. certificate for £20 share dated 1847. Coat of arms top centre, attached green seal, not cancelled. est. £25Lot 713 CBSCR Co. share certificate for £270 'West Coast Preference Stock' dated 1906. Embossed seal, not cancelled, green underprint and side embellishment. est. £25, Lot 879 BNCR Staff TT, November 1883. 18pp including appendix. Disbound. est. £15 Lot 927 GNR(I) & CVR joint timetable handbill for the 'New Sunday Service' Belfast-Fivemiletown, dated 1934. est. £10, Lot 928 GNR(I) & CVR joint timetable handbill of 'Train Connections between Belfast and Londonderry,' dated 1934. est. £10, Lot 929 CVR handbill showing 'Alterations to Running on Ballygawley Fair Days", dated 1934. est. £10, Lot 974 GSWR guide: 'To The Sunnyside of Ireland and The Lakes of Killarney", 20pp paperback, undated, but probably c.1910. Small split at fold. est. £18, Lot 986 Railway Executive - NCC souvenir booklet of the Centenary of Opening of Belfast & Ballymena Railway 1848-1948. Coloured card covers (some foxing), 72pp. est. £10, Lot 1074 9 MRNCC Luggage Labels to English destinations including London (St Pancras), Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, York, all with red, yellow or blue cross and red circle overprints, etc. est. £20, Lot 1084 14 Ulster Railway Luggage Labels including to Athenry via Clones, Ballinderry via Lisburn, Laurencetown, Sion Mills, Trew and Moy, Tynan, Victoria Bridge, etc., est. £20, Lot 1096 Irish Luggage Labels. mixed bag containing several hundred examples from a number of companies. Some duplication. est. £30, Lot 1108 90 Irish Luggage Labels including examples from BNCR, GNR(I), SLNCR, MRNCC, MGW, DWWR, DSER, etc. Some duplication. est. £20, Lot 1302 TRANSFERS: GNR(I); Metropolitan Railway; South Western Railway. GNR(I) example may be a reproduction. est. £10, Lot TV Approx 150 Irish Edmondson tickets. Assortment of companies including many issued examples. est. £20.

Mealy's of Kilkenny had an auction on 10/6/03 of Maps/Atlases, Collectables & Books. It included items from the late Dr. Patterson's collection with some illustrations. Of note were many CDRJC posters, Finn Valley and BCDR paperwork, share certificates, timetables, etc.. You will have to plow through the 1000 lots (best start at lot 350 and then skip soccer programmes and race cards).

Solent in June had two separate W&T 'Clones-Ballybay' staffs, one, restored blue, was £180, other, red, was £120. It also had - CIE Additions and amendments to rule book 1967 £5 and a BR 1957 glazed M.V. Cambria (Buckle) poster £52.

Malton on 23/6/03 had a miniature staff 'Ballygeary-Rosslare Strand' £62.
TRA on 24 June had an LMSNCC wagon plate '1738' £38 and a GSWR look out enamel armband £50.

DC is exchanging a CIE badge & a GSR timetable of the Harcourt St. line on the Prorail site. For once, waded through the 47 pages of railwayana on ebay. A few UK items there, but only Irish seen was a small GNRI trespass, with bids to £30, and offered now at £70 (allegedly very few in circulation!).

Third quarter 2003

TRA on 18 August had a MRNCC cast iron gate notice. Face rest. only. 496x299mm. £70, A “GNR(I) Notice passengers are requested to use the overbridge & not to walk across the rails" with ornate corner. Vaguely face rest. only. “(I)” partially erased but still apparent. 558x331mm. £90, GSWR. small 4-line cast iron gate, face rest. only, 285x272mm.£65, Small oval cast iron Coach Plate "LMS NCC rebuilt Ballymena 1945". Unrestored with the 3 original screws still in place. 127x101mm.£55, Luggage Labels. CBSCR type 1C62 " to Cork/Dunmanway" (2) plus type 1C63 to "London(Euston) via North Wall" (1), Donegal Ry Type 1D11 "to Port / Bridgetown"(2) and CLR (1) and type 1C22 to "Dublin (Broadstone)"(1). All v.g.c.(6) £32, Irish double sided cast iron Sign "Caution before crossing look out for trains both ways". Thought to be MR NCC. One face only painted. 385x205mm. £47, GNRI small Trespass Sign. Face rest. only. 202x138mm. £55, "BCDR 383" described as bridge, but wagon plate Restored 280x178mm. £ns.

Christie's on 10 September has a number of Irish posters (illustrated from page 17 and 18 of their site in an auction of British and Irish posters): Wilcox: BR, Fishguard-Rosslare lithograph in colours, printed by Jordison & Co., Ltd., condition B+ 102 x 64cm. £881, Wilson: BR, UTA, GNRB, Northern Ireland offset lithograph in colours, printed by Jordison & Co., Ltd., condition A- 102 x 64cm. est. £500-700, £ns, Anonymous: BR, Belfast-Heysham lithograph in colours, printed by Stafford & Co., Ltd., Nottingham, condition B+; backed on linen 102 x 64cm. £470, Henry: BR, Lough Derg lithograph in colours, 1949, printed by Jordison & Co., Ltd., London, condition A- 102 x 64cm. £587, Merriott: BR, Southern Ireland lithograph in colours, c.1954, printed by The Baynard Press, condition A- 102 x 64cm. £940, Henry: LMS Connemara offset lithograph in colours, printed by McCorquodale & Co., Ltd., London, condition B+; backed on linen 101 x 61cm. £1351, Costelloe: Tour Connemara by CIE lithograph in colours, printed by Hely's Limited, Dublin, condition B+ 102 x 64cm. £1645, Baker: GWR Southern Ireland lithograph in colours, 1937, printed by Stafford & Co., Ltd., London, condition A- 102 x 64cm. £587, Henry: LMS Wicklow lithograph in colours, printed by S.C.Allen & Company Ltd., London, condition B+/A-; backed on linen 102 x 62cm. £822, plus several Shell Ireland posters.

SRA on 13/9/03 had: a station wall metal lamp-case believed to be of Irish origin. Three glazed sides; vessel; Duplex brass burner; glass funnel, good, original condition. 53cm tall, £100. Poster. Great Southern Rys. "Ireland For Bracing Air & Glorious Sunshine. Glengariff, Killarney". Walter Till. 102x76cm. Rolled only. Minor edge nicks, £480. Poster. Irish Tourist Board. "Land Of Legend. Ireland Is Waiting To Welcome You". Brandt. d.r. On linen. VGC, £100. GNRI silver-plated two-pint coffee pot, by Elkington, full Company title coat of arms crest on side. 19cm tall. Replated to very fine condition, £80. GSWR cast-iron full length "¼"milepost. Repainted. £220.

The SRA Postal Auction had: CDRJC 20x29cm booking office display card "You Will Feel First Class if You Travel First Class - We Provide First Class For You." Blue printing, creased. £28, CDRJC 20x27cm booking office display card "Excursion Tickets at Very Low Prices to Londonderry, Belfast, Dublin." Red printing. creased. £28, GSR PTT booklet dated June 1926. Brown covers, 56pp plus map. £65, GNR(I) and CVR joint timetable handbill for the "New Sunday Service" from Belfast - Fivemiletown, dated 1934. £32, Lot 977 GSWR map folder "The Lakes of Killarney - Quickest Route New York to London Via Queenstown in 6½ days.", 1901. est. £30, £ns. CBSCR folder "The Prince of Wales Route to Glengarriff and Lakes of Killarney" 1907. £22, GNRI pocket size, staff issue booklet "Passenger Fares." 251pp listing fares on the system. Leather bound covers, dated October 1912. £65, GS Hotels luggage label in green, black and orange on white paper. Print date 9/31. VGC. est. £24, £ns. 6 Ulster Railway luggage labels: Ballinderry via Lisburn; Ballymena; Goraghwood via Portadown; Poyntzpass via Portadown; Sion Mills, Victoria Bridge (on card). £30, 8 MR(NCC) luggage labels to destinations in England: 3 (green) via Belfast & Liverpool; 1 (pink) via Larne & Stranraer; 2 (green circle); 1 (blue cross); 1 (yellow cross). est. £30, £ns. Carriage print unframed: MV Cambria-British Railways Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service (LMR(D) series) by Claude Buckle. £32, GNRB 44x57cm timetable poster of Rail Services From and To Enniskillen dated 12th May 1957 - UFN. Folded with pinholes at corners and top corner edge tears. £55, BR SEALINK dr. poster "It's a Short Walk to Ireland" with cartoon style artwork illustration (anon) dated 1972. Folded good. est. £20, £ns. BR(W) dr. poster "All-in Holidays to Ireland via Fishguard 1962" with artwork illustration of ship, train, bus. Folded, good. £85, Lot T03 approx. 100 County Donegal with a few other Irish tickets and approx. 65 Isle of Man. All audit Edmondsons. £5.

RCJ No.130, apart from a few offers for exchange by DC, has nothing of specific Irish interest.

Malton on 27/9/03 had a Notice 'Londonderry Railway - Notice! Alteration of Train' 1900. £28 and a LMS NCC Spoon, LMS NCC Hotels Spoon and Ulster Transport Fork. £18.

Fourth quarter 2003

Kiddlington Railwayana Auctions on 11/10/03 had a single line miniature train staff 'Abbeyleix-Ballyragget' £180.

RCJ No. 131 had an advert for a Beyer Peacock 1921 Manchester ex GNRI makers plate "no damage to face, back unrestored with some hammer marks where it was bashed flat when cast" of &£260, plus articles on D plates, G. Hartley's heraldry collection and Met-Camm oval carriage a nd wagon builders' plates.

Nothing Irish noted at Solent on 18/10/03, at Bonhams on 21/10, at GWRA on 15/11/03 or at Bearne's on 18/11/03. At the Barry Potter Train & Toy sale on 22/11/03 two lots of C. Hamilton Ellis carriage prints included "London and North Western Railway Holyhead to Dun Laughaire Paddle Steamer 'Cambria'". The first lot of 5 went for £180, the second of 6 for £100.

Talisman on 27 October had "LMSNCC 813" rect. cast iron Wagon Plate. Vaguely rest. 350x175mm £50. A cast iron Wagon Plate "BCDR 383" as carried by an 8 Ton P. Way Dept. wagon of 1941. Face rest. only. 280x178mm £23. GSWR Button Medium 20mm. nickel with title around shamrock (Frog. 62/9)£55. Unusual Irish copper Crossing or Signal Lamp with red & green bullseye lenses incorporated into signal arms. Unrestored with no interior vessel but v.g.c. 425mm. tall (DC comment: ground signal lamp outer case - case rotates thru 90 degrees to show danger/clear, GNRI flavour) £170. Cast iron Bridge Plate "GNR(I) 37".Face rest. only £50. Brass Thunderer Whistle. Side clearly engraved "G.N.R.(I)". Traces of nickel plating remains. Brass disc attached stamped "565". v.g.c. £38. GNRI Coat of Arms Transfer mounted onto a painted ply panel. In a black plastic frame. 388x376mm. £80. Two polished Rail Profiles. One stamped "B&NC Ry. 83lbs per yard 1892 Sec 173". The other "St. Johns Ry. 72 1/2 lbs per yard. 1894 Sec. 300" £26. Enamel Sign "Do not spit in the carriages etc." Chips to bottom r.h. corner plus some hairline glaze crazes bottom left. 207x115mm. £220. "Midland & Great Western Hotel" silver plated 1/2 pint Hot Water Jug by James Dixon & Sons. Title clearly engraved on side in an arc, light wear to plating £80. I was consulted on this early this year and noted that had not previously seen MGWR plate. But who knows! LNWR Irish Destination Luggage Labels "Dublin North Wall" (L68) dark blue on white - top r.h. corner loss; "Kingstown Station" (print ref. 163.) black on lilac v.g.c.; and "Blank via Kingstown" (print ref. 163) black on purple v.g.c. £29. LNWR Irish Destination Luggage Labels. "Mallow via Kingstown" with large "S" in top r.h. corner. (print ref. 163) black on purple; "Tralee via Kingstown" (print ref. 163) black on lilac. Both v.g.c. £29. DWWR large nickel (26mm) "DW & WR" script initials Button (Frog. 62/7 but crisper!), v.g.c. £95.

Onslows on 31 October had the following posters: Kerry Lee "Londonderry", printed for BR(LMR) by Waterlow - 102x63 cm small tears to margins £40, John S Smith "Fishguard-Rosslare" , printed for BR(WR) by Haycock 1960 - 102x127 cm folds, and Map of London & Suburbs Main Line Railways,published by the BTC 1956 - 102x127 cm folds £280, Claude Buckle "Heysham for Belfast and Northern Ireland", printed for BR(LM) by Jordison & Co 1958 - 102x63 cm small tear to margin £200, R Breslin Ireland The Land of Eternal Youth est. £150-250 £ns, Paul Henry "Loch Derg Ireland For Holidays" est £400-500, £ns, Claude Buckle MV Cambria British Railways Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire Service,and John L Baker London Tower Bridge,railway carriage prints, each - 25x51 cm (2) £90, Official Railway Company postcards: CDRJC, LLSR, NCC, BCDR, and CIE, (approx 400) £180

A new site had an auction at Hinchley Wood on 1/11/03. Only Irish item noted was double sided white on black enamel sign 'TO RAILWAY STATION' with pointing hand, made by the Imperial Enamel Co. Birmingham, has 2 hanging holes at the top, and apart from slight chip repairs around these is virtually mint. 56x23cm. £160.

A Midland Counties Railway Phone Auction on 26-27/11/03 has: Lot 40 A GNR(I) Teapot by Dunn Bennett & Co. Burslem. Inscribed on side 'G.N.R.I.' in script capitals and on the base 'This is the Property of the Great Northern Railway.' 3" high, V.G.C. Lot 398. Wine List 'The Irish Mail' green cover with blue/black/white large crest on front and history of the train on back. Early 1960's 20x11cm. Lot 507. Wine List 'The Emerald Isle Express'. Green/white covers with history of train on back. Early 1960's. 20x12cm G.

Nothing special in RCJ No. 132 apart from an advertisement for a GNRI coa small brass button £of@4.

Paddington Tickets Auctions (not so far covered in these pages) event on 29/11/03 had a number of Irish tickets, some of which fetched over £200 each! Several are illustrated (look for number on the linked page). 4 WDLR undated 1st whole Edmondson Rtn Durrow–Lismore. A little dusty.(1) £210: 14 IRISH: CBSCR(1), DWWR(1), GSR(4), GNR(I)(1), CIE(2), SLNCR(1), plus severed halves CMLR(1), DWWR(1), MGWR(4), GSWR(11) £60: 24 CMDR undated 1st whole Edmondson Rtn Macroom–Cork. A little dusty.(1) £120: 84 WLWR undated 3rd Privilege whole Edmondson Rtn Waterford–(blank) with slight staining on back only. (1) £ns: 94 CBSCR 3rd undated whole Edmondson Rtn the outward half Bantry–Cork and Return with the return half headed 'Car Portion' Glengariffe – Bantry and Return “Driver’s Fee Included.” A large letter “G” is printed on both halves. An early rail/road ticket. Slight staining to back only. (1) £220: 104 CVR unused whole Edmondsons: 1st Sgl Fivemiletown–Armagh; 1st Tram/2nd Rail Fivemiletown–Armagh. Both in excellent condition. (2) £110: 114 Fermoy & Lismore Railway undated 2nd 'Express' whole Edmondson Rtn Lismore–Dublin. Slight water staining to back and 1/3rd of front only. (1) £260: 174 Cork & Muskerry Light Railway unused 3rd Sgl Blarney–Victoria on buff card with horizontal red stripe. Faded (seriously) at one end. (1) £30: 201 Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway Co. 1/-d whole Edmondson tram ticket on buff card with the stages Terenure–Blessington listed on back. A little grubby. (1) £90: 224 CVR unused whole Edmondsons, all 1st Sgls, all from Aughnacloy, to Belfast, to Monaghan, to Newry and to Omagh. VGC. (4) £20: 234 L&LSRY (CE) (so headed, i.e. Cardona Extension) undated 3rd whole Edmondson Rtn Rashenny–(blank). Slight water staining and a little dusty front and back. (1) £ns: 284 WTR undated 1st Child Special Rtn Ticket (printed as a Single) Tramore–Waterford on white card with horizontal black 'zigzag' stripes. (1) £30: 304 IRISH Mostly issued whole Edmondsons from BCDR(1), GNR(I)(2), GSR(1), CIE(4), SLNCR(4 –1i), plus 15 severed halves from GSWR. £20: 314 CBPR undated 1st Market Ticket whole Edmondson Rtn Rochestown–Cork with large 'C' on outward and large 'R' on return. A little dusty on front and foxed on back. £85: GNR(I) 2nd class trader's ticket issued for 1 year from 1/4/1936. Available between Belfast–Newry via Goraghwood and Bessbrook. Issued to Bessbrook Spinning Co. Centre-folding blue linen covers. VGC. £10: 331 Donegal Railway undated 3rd car ticket whole Edmondson Rtn Fintown–Dungloe (Sweeney’s Hotel) on white/yellow card. £26: 334 CVR unused whole Edmondsons, all 2nd Sgls, all from Aughnacloy, to Cavan, Dublin, Monaghan and Omagh. VGC. (4) £20: 351 Irish Platform: GNRB: Dublin(Amiens St) C, Dundalk Junct., Belfast, Londonderry; GNR(I): Enniskillen; LMSNCC: Coleraine; UTA: Belfast (York Road), Londonderry WS. (8) £16: 365 CIE. Platform A selection of mostly grey with green stripe type, all except three on Edmondson card including Arklow, Athlone, Bray (buff), Cork Albert Quay (2 different), Dundalk, Clarke Station Dundalk, Galway (4 different- 3 grey and 1 buff), Harcourt St, Kent Station Cork S, Gorey, Killarney, Limerick (2 different) , Pearse Stn W. land Row R, Waterford G, Westland Row, Wicklow, etc. One or two have gum/paper residue on back. (30) £120: 374 CVR undated 1st Tramway/2nd Railway Excursion Rtn for three passengers Augher– Warrenpoint on white/pink card with horizontal black “zigzag” stripes. VGC. (1) £65: 391 Castlederg & Victoria Bridge Tramway Company undated 1st class whole Edmondson showing the fare '9d' upright printed on pink card with red vertical stripe. Dusty. (1) £20: 394 DWWR whole Edmondsons from Killurin (2nd Sgl) (dated 1903), Gorey (1st Excn Rtn), Edermine Ferry (Extension Ticket). (3) £130: 414 CVR unused whole Edmondsons, all 3rd Sgls: Aughnacloy–Emyvale Road, Aughnacloy– Maguire’s Bridge, Aughnacloy–Monaghan; Ballycawley-Clogher. VGC. (4) £28: 444 LLSR all different unissued whole Edmondsons including examples from Buncrana, Crolly, Letterkenny as well as Londonderry. A little dusty(21) £20: 506 LLSR issued 2nd Sgl Gweedore– Londonderry, 3rd Sgl Londonderry–Buncrana and Bicycle Sgls from Creeslough and Falcarragh; together with unissued Sgls from Inch Road, Manorcunningham, Newtowncunningham and Sallybrook. (8) £26.

While nothing Irish noted at Malton on 6/12/03, SRA on the same day had: BR/UTA poster. 'Northern Ireland'. Lance Cattermole. q.r. Folds. VGC. £50. BR(LMR) poster. 'Ireland Overnight'. Buckle. q.r. Folds. Mint. £100. BCDR original gold leaf coa panel removed from a coach and then framed. Some crazing and some wear to the framing 60x47cm, £65. CDRJC 'ESKE' nameplate ex-loco condition. 33x12cm, £2650. Beyer Peacock & Co. Ld. 1909 Manchester plate. either a New South Wales 2-8-0, 4-6-4T or 4-6-0; BCDR 4-4-2T (probably the latter); or possibly a CBSCR 4-6-0, or Buenos Aires Western Railway 2-6-4T or 2-6-0, 25x14cm, face-polished and repainted, with a score mark across the top, £150. 'Great Northern Railway. R.R Makers 1894 Dundalk' tenderplate, 25x14.6cm, £200.

The SRA Postal Auction had: LLSR. Bound volume of Acts of Parliament. Hardback covers (faded spine), 200+pp of acts dating from 1853 to 1935. Some photocopy replacements. Ex-BRB library. £80. Newry & Enniskillen Railway £50 share cert. dated 1853. Ornate title, embossed seal, not cancelled. est.£25, £ns. BCDR official tourist guide to the County Down and Mourne Mountains. Green hardback covers, 203pp plus adverts and fold-out map. 1924. £32. GSWR brochure: 'When you Come to Europe, Land at Queenstown and Take in The South of Ireland.' Coloured covers, 16pp plus fold-out map, c.1900. A little worn. £25. CBSCR guide book: 'Prince of Wales Route to Glengarriff and Killarney.' Illustrated card covers (nearly detached). 58pp plus adverts, 1900. £32. Irish Railway Clearing House Toast List and Programme of Music for The Jubilee Banquet Held at The Royal Marine Hotel, Kingstown, July 1898. 4pp thin card with stitched spine and coloured cover. £25. GSR(I) 'Inspector' lapel badge in black and white enamel shield with grade in scroll beneath. Also stamped '48' in copper mounting on back. A little enamel chipping, but thought to be quite rare. £30 (But bus, not railway - Source:DC). Irish Luggage Labels including BNCR, CVR, CDRJC, DWWR, GSWR, MR-NCC, SLNCR, Ulster Railway, etc. (78) £22. GSR(I) pictorial Hotel Luggage Label. 9/1932 print with list of GSR hotels, but 'Caragh Lake' deleted. VGC. £18. GSWR official postcard: The Lounge Gt Southern Hotel, Lakes of Killarney. (GSW075-2) £22. Irish Railways . Postcard and postcard size B&W photos of steam and diesel locos, railcars, etc. Irish standard and NG railways included. (98) £36. GNR(I) 25x38cm letterpress poster: 'Sunday Trains Between Drogheda and Laytown' showing times and fares. Undated. VGC. (1) est. £15, £ns. CIE: 40 tickets, all issued. £45. Box of books on Irish railways. (Qty) £290. Southern audit Edmondsons: approx 100 CIE and 25 GSR. £120. Northern mixture including GNR(I), GNRB, UTA, SLNCR, BCDR, LMS(NCC), DNGR, LLSR and CDRJC. approx 250 whole Edmondsons (mostly audit, but a few issued) £85. 570 assorted Irish Edmondsons and oddments, approx 100 are issued £65.

TRA on 15 December 2003 had: a Belfast Transport Button. £ns, 'LMS NCC 1890' rect. cast iron wagon plate. Face restored only. £10, GWR 'Through the Window Paddington to Killarney via Fishguard & Rosslare'. 138pp. 1926. Minor wear to covers o/wise g.c. £41, Aer Lingus Off. folding Leaflet 'The Story of Dublin Airport'. photos including Constellation aircraft to cover. c.1948. g.c. £5, 'GNR(I) Howth Electric Tramway'. 5 different value travel tickets. All v.g.c. (5) £9, Ulster Transport H/bills 'Fair at St. Patricks Barracks Ballymena 26/6/1965' from list of 9 stations. v.g.c. and 'Rail & Road trip to Buncrana 11/4/1966' from list of 11 stations. Small corner loss. (2) £ns, SLNCR Luggage Labels. Types IS12 & IS13 (18). A couple edge mounted on thin card. All different v.g.c. (18) £ns.

Ebay in early December had a fairy mushroom house with matching base night light stamped crest on base The GSRs Co, a GSWR handbell and a GNRI 2.5cm brass button, maker 'J. Ireland and Son of Dublin'.

RCJ No. 133 has an article on mounting transfers and a warning from David Love on repro LMS/NCC/Leyland 1933 plates. These are aluminium, as the originals, and look quite convincing, although no marks around bolt holes and dirt on the surface too soft. At least four are known to exist.

click for 5K .jpg image of MGWR lamp

MGWR lamp. Source: TRA304

click for 5.4K .jpg image of GSWR book

GSWR 'Sunny side' book. Source: TRA304

click for 3.2K .jpg image of CVR axlebox

CVR axlebox cover. Source: TRA304

click for 2.4K .jpg image of Irish lamp

'Irish' lamp. Source: TRA304

click for 2.9K .jpg image of miniature staff

Miniature staff 'Balima-Pu'. Source: TRA304

click for 3.5K .jpg image of SCR coa

South Clare coa. Source: SRA304

click for 3K .jpg image of Ulster poster

Ulster poster. Source: SRA304

click for 3.1K .jpg image of DNGR coa

DNGR coa. Source: SRA304

click for 4K .jpg image of GNRB coa

GNRB coa. Source: SRA304

click for 2K .jpg image of CIE hat

CIE hat. Source: ebay204

click for 3.6K .jpg image of Portrush clock

Portrush clock. Source: ebay204

click for 6.5K .jpg image of GNR playing cards

GNRI card deck. Source: ebay204

click for 2K .jpg image of GSWR lamp

GSWR lamp. Source: TRA104

click for 3K .jpg image of CLR station

Small CLR 'To station'. Source: TRA104

click for 2K .jpg image of CIE lamp

CIE lamp. Source: TRA104

click for 3.5K .jpg image of Cork & Muskerry button

Cork & Muskerry button. Source: TRA104

CDRJC nameplate 'Eske'. Source: SRA1203

click for 3.6K .jpg image of GNR tenderplate

GNR tenderplate. Source: SRA1203

click for 3K .jpg image of BP loco makers' plate

Beyer Peacock makers' plate. Source: SRA1203

click for 3K .jpg image of BCDR coa

BCDR coa. Source: SRA1203

click for 1K .jpg image of BNCR spitting

BNCR spitting notice. Source: TRA1003

click for 1K .jpg image of BNCR rail

BNCR rail. Source: TRA1003

click for 3K .jpg image of Irish ground signal

'Irish' ground lamp. Source: TRA1003

click for 5K .jpg image of GNRI coa

GNRI coa. Source: TRA1003

click for 3K .jpg image of BCDR wagonplate

BCDR wagonplate. Source: TRA1003

click for 3K .jpg image of DWWR button

DWWR button. Source: TRA1003

click for 3K .jpg image of GSWR button

GSWR button. Source: TRA1003

click for 6K .jpg image of GNRI overbridge

GNRI overbridge. Source: TRA803

click for 4K .jpg image of GNRI small trespass

GNRI small trespass. Source: TRA803

click for 4K .jpg image of Irish caution

'Irish' caution. Source: TRA803

click for 3K .jpg image of LMSNCC Ballymena plate

LMSNCC Ballymena makers' plate. Source: TRA803

click for 6K .jpg image of GSWR gate

GSWR gate. Source: TRA803

click for 8K .jpg image of MRNCC gate

MRNCC Accomodation gate. Source: TRA803


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