Ken & Patrice - Thailand trip, Christmas 2003


The trip

Over Christmas 2003, Gene Foley brought the Foleys and Vogels, spouses and children to Thailand to celebrate his upcoming 70th birthday. The 18 travellers coming from the diverse locations of Leuven, Brussels, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco and Vienna, met at, and spent the first week (including a lavish Christmas Eve dinner), at the Kata Thani hotel by the beach in Phuket and the second at the Royal Orchid Sheraton by the river in Bangkok. Gene Jr., Patrice and Steven Foley could not believe the changes since they lived in Bangkok 25 years before.

Below are some photos (most by Gene Jr.). Click for larger versions.

Ken Bangkok Trice - reclining Buddha Ken - reclining Buddha Kata Thani pool 1 Christmas Eve - Ladies Bangkok - Ladies Trice-Royal barges

Trice and father Bangkok from Sheraton Kata Thani sunset Kata Thani Bangkok - on river Trice explaining Ken - Royal barges Golden Buddha

Bangkok - Chinatown Bangkok A break Another break Across river to dinner Jim Thompsons Foley ex-residence To dinner again

Golden Buddha Many Buddhas Bangkok





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