Senegal 2005

The trip

The following photos were taken by Guillaume on our December 2005 trip to Senegal. Click to enlarge photos and use back button to return.


Orly Sud

Lac Rose and the salt community

Lac Rose salt Collecting salt by canoe The crowd investigate Many bags of salt Child plays in salt The salt-collecting community Want to buy salt!

Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj

Pelican crowd Pelican city Cormorant take off Pelicans come into land Pelican holding pattern Pelicans glide Pelicans wait for friends

Busy Pelican port Pelicans follow boat Pelicans pass out boat A few Pelicans say hello Pelicans keep on passing More Pelicans coming Storks congregate

Pelicans in flight Crocodiles Cormorants Pelican colony Lonely pelican Busy pelicans

Cormorants on tree Storks perch


Picnic Picnic Picnic Picnic

Guet N'Dar, Langue de Barbarie, Hotel Mermoz

Pirogues The Tongue Main street St. Louis residents Ex-colonial brothel St. Louis goats Our transport
Port activity Commerce Petit commerce Really small commerce More activity Side street More goats
Dried fish Fish stalls The fish The boats Boat labour Restaurant band Dressmaker and clients
Client Client's assistant

On the way, and at Touba

Cheap meal incl. dried fish Cattle market Mosque
Mosque 2 Mosque 3

Cotton fields

Cotton pickers 1 Cotton pickers 2 Cotton pickers 4
Cotton picking 1 Cotton picking 2


Guillaume hits Kedougou

To the Bedik village

Baobou tree Start trek Continue Outskirts Working Souvenir shop Kitchen Mother History tree Nose job
Village Cow in village Sore nose Queue for sweets Long queue Guillaume and friend  Pirette and friends
Bauobo fruit Loom Tree flowers Head down Pretty steep Still some to go Reach village and road

To the waterfall near Guinea

Waterfall D*iver Baggage Ladies shop
Food at waterfall Nearby market Nearby market 2 Nearby market 3 A cow shops Outrider

Niokolo-Koba Park and Dar Salam

Famous guide Park wildlife!

Siné-Saloum Delta

Main Street Toubabs passing! Mangrove Grain stores Fluvine amuses Woman at work Footballers
French footballers The Senegal team Pirogues Departure

Siné-Saloum sunset

Sine sun Sine horse Sine horse 2 Hotel pier Fishing at sunset Sine horse 2 Sine horse 2

Joal Fadioou

Grain stores Graveyard

Sobo Bade

Sobo 1

Ile de Gorée

Harbour 1 Harbour 2 Activity on Ile Mainland distance
Ile street Ile activity Another street More activity


Salt lady Carrying firewood Schoolgirl Schoolkids Bedik girl Sophie films what? Sine child Waiting
Little boy Salt people Football stars Washing in Gambia river Washing in Gambia river 2 Bedik young people
Football at Sine Construction material Bath time Christine shows photos Guillaume and driver Pirette takes tea To the laundromat
To the hypermarket Shade Shell people


Room Shower Plumbing
Guillaume's hut Another Guillaume room


Luxury vehicle 4x4 Lac Rose   Bus Rapid transport Public transport Interior Wheel advice
Calleche Pirogue Sine flics What's he doing there?
Punctured luxury vehicle St. Louis vehicle


African donkey

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