California, 2006 & 2005

11.4k .jpg image on Space Mountain

Patrice, Ken & Dee at Space Mountain.

Disneyland, etc.

The following are some photos from trip down to Disneyland/California Adventure and San Francisco. Click to enlarge photos and use back button to return. Photos from a 2005 trip to Bass Lake are included at the end of the page.

California Adventure


San Francisco

Mels Mels Mels

Bass Lake 2005 (Photos: Steve & Alecia)

Ken & Trice at Bass lake Ken & Steven at Bass lake Temporary house View from house stairs down Cars Ken reads Trice, Susie & Jack Swimming Trice & Jack Don & Jack Steve & Jack at play Yosemite Steve & Alecia Susie & Steve on bicycles Steve & Dee Dinner at Bass Lake Susie & Don Alecia & Steve

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