Irish Luggage Labels and Tickets

click for 5K .jpg image of GNR label click for 3.8K .jpg image of BNCR label click for 9K .jpg image of LMSNCC label

GNRI predecessor, BNCR and MRNCC labels. Source: TRA 1201 & TRA 304

Due to file space constraints, I am unable, at this stage, to illustrate this page with more examples of Irish luggage labels and tickets in my collection. For the information of anybody out there who might be interested the following is a short summary of these. For collectors of Irish luggage labels I would recommend the late Trefor David's book "Luggage Labels of Ireland", which establishes the classification system for types of labels used below and is available from the Railway Print Society (Hon. Secretary: Hon. Secretary: John Young, Clarence Cottage, Whashton, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL11 7JT, email: which has also published a valuable newsletter. The many stations from which labels in my collection come are not listed, only the types of label, following this classification.

CIE - Types IC41, IC42

CDRJC - Type IC72, Donegal Railway - Type ID12

DSER - Type ID32, DWWR - Types ID42, ID44, ID45

GNRI - Types IG11/1 to IG11/6, IG12/1, IG12/4, IG13/1 to IG13/4, IG14 to IG17

GSR - Types IG21 to IG25

GSWR - Types IG31, IG32/1, IG32/2, IG33/3, IG34/1 to IG34/5

LMSNCC - Type IL16/3, MRNCC - Type IM28

MGWR - Types IM14, IM15

SLNCR - Types IS11, IS12

UR - Type IU11

As far as tickets are concerned, my Edmondsons are limited to UTA(10), NIR(3), BCDR(1), GSWR(6), GNRB(19), GNRI(2), LLSR(19), GCPBVT(1), CDRJC(20), SLNCR(13), LLSR(1), MGWR(1), DNGR(22). For those interested in passes, I would note the £260 paid at SRA996 for a GSR free pass, as well as the appearance of TDLR, WCR, DSER, LMSNCC, CVR, SLNCR, CBSCR free passes at a SRA Postal Auction 894 (prices achieved not known)


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