Irish railwayana: some photos

This page gives a pictorial flavour of the diversity of signs from the many Irish railroad companies. Although the construction site signs have been removed, this page is just a sampler for the much fuller information on the second site, which has upwards of 200 images of Irish signs.

click for 13K picture of MRNCC gate in .jpg format MRNCC Gate

The following four pictures show GSR type fences and gates. A TDLR fence, photographed in situ, appears on p.93 of The Tralee and Dingle Railway, D.G. Rowlands.
click for 41K pictures of GSWR and WDLR gates in .jpg format
Very similar, but WDLR is smaller and has an extra line.

click for 32K picture of GSR fences in .jpg format click for 39K picture of GSWR fences in .jpg format
The two fences (as well as the third TDLR) are identical, apart from company initials. I forgot to paint the comma on the GSWR!

click for 19K pictures of an MGWR gate in .jpg format
A rare MGWR gate.

click for 14K picture of DNGR plate in .jpg format DNGR cabside

click for 6K picture of NCC nameplate + cabside in .jpg format LMSNCC Name + cabside (Sources: SRA)

click for 14K picture of DNGR/LNWR in .jpg format DNGR and mother co. bridge numbers

click for 4K picture of GSR tender plate in .jpg format GSR tender plate 614

A photo from D. Cronin

Shows a GSWR 1/4 milepost. The 1/2 is also shown. Presumably the 3/4 slopes down?

click for 7K .jpg milepost image click for 9K .jpg milepost image GSWR mileposts

click for 15K .jpg image of a GNR bridge GNR enamel bridge. Source: SRA

click for 9K .jpg spitting image Spitting image 2

click for 69K .jpg early UR & GNRI trespass

UR & subsequent early GNRI trespass (Source: RCJ900)

click for 26K .jpg GNRI doorplates GNRI (Not BNCR) doorplates (Source: RCJ1000)

click for 13K .jpg GSWR brake van plate

GSWR brake van plate. (Source: SRA 12/00)

click for 13K .jpg UK headboard UK loco headboard. (Source: SRA 12/00)

click for 16K .jpg BCDR coa BCDR coa. (Source: SRA 12/00)

click for 16K .jpg GWR Irish poster GWR Irish poster. (Source: SRA 12/00)

click for 11K .jpg CDRJC CDRJC nameplate (Source: SRA 3/01)

click for 12K .jpg GNRI worksplate GNRI 'Lagan' worksplate (Source: SRA 3/01)

click for 12K .jpg GNRI worksplate click for 12K .jpg GNRI worksplate GNRI headlamps (Source: BRA 4/01)

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