Ireland August 2013

Greenore and Carlingford, 1 August

Puc Fada, 3 August

Cows, kitchen and Omeath Donkey Derby, 4 August

(Camera left at home. But 25 minute video of last year's events here and the American donkey, Danny's, homecoming this year)

Calm before the storm, 6 August

Furniture chaos, 6 August

Second day of chaos, 7 August

Contemplate chaos and start on garden, 8 August

Handymen to the rescue, garden progress, but much to sort, 9-11 August

Carlingford Oyster Festival, 11 August

11-18 August

19-21 August

23 August

24 August

Evening walk in back garden!, 25 August

Work in house, 26 August

Mountain Hike, 27 August

Mirrors installed, garage and shed painted, 28 August

Flower baskets and mackerel cleaned by 11 year old, 31 August

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