Ken Lennan - more photos

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43K .jpg image of Ken first flight
Ken in primary school uniform, first flight with parents (in a DC3) 1956

23K .jpg image of Maebh & Ken
Maebh & Ken Summer 1968

39K .jpg image of Ken and Deirdre
Ken and Deirdre 1969

34K .jpg image of Diarmuid
Diarmuid on Three rock mountain, +/- 1975

33K .jpg image of Mary wedding
Deirdre & Diarmuid at Mary's wedding, 1976

33K .jpg image of Diarmuid in Leuven
Diarmuid, first communion, Leuven, +/- 1977

55K .jpg image of back of cottage
Cottage back

22K .jpg image collage of cottage
Cottage view collage

26K .jpg image of children & grandmother
Children & grandmother, +/- 1977

59K .jpg image of cousins
Cousins in Brussels, +/- 1978

48K .jpg image of White House 1979
White House, 1979

33K .jpg image of Father in Brussels 30K .jpg image of parents in Brussels
Father in Garden No. 37 and parents in Brussels, 1979

37K .jpg image of parents in Dublin
Parents in Dublin

37K .jpg image of Ken's art
Ken's attic art 1988

68K .jpg image of Foleys in Morocco
Foleys & Ken, Marrakech, New Year's Eve 1988-9

62K .jpg image of Morocco
Ken & Trice, Marrakech, New Year's Eve 1988-9

26K .jpg image of Dutch coast 35K .jpg image of Dutch coast
Trice on bike at Dutch coast + Ken watercolour, 1989

44K .jpg image of Trice at Pompidou
Trice at Pompidou, 1989

26K .jpg image of
With S. Kollias in Berlaymont, 1990

35K .jpg image of Dublin visit
Trice in Dun Laoghaire

25K .jpg image of Trice in Denmark
Trice in Copenhagen

43K .jpg image of Patrice at cottage
Patrice at cottage

click for 53K .jpg image of Trice in Yosemite click for 44K .jpg image of Ken in Yosemite

click for 48K .jpg image of Ken in Hawaii click for 50K .jpg image of Trice in Hawaii click for 46K .jpg image of Trice at rocks
Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

click for 71K .jpg image of Ken at pool, Mexico
Pool - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

30K .jpg image of Trice in wine country
Trice in French wine country

73K .jpg image of Trice in San Juan 46K .jpg image of Ken in San Juan
Trice & Ken in San Juan, Puerto Rico

41K .jpg image of Interlaken seminar 1999
2nd Interlaken Seminar on financial sanctions, 1999

47K .jpg image of Trice in Vancouver
Trice in Vancouver

33K .jpg images of Patrice at ISB
Patrice, ISB yearly photographs

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