Senegal 2005

The trip

The following are highlights from our December 2005 trip to Senegal. Click to enlarge photos and use back button to return. A detailed itinerary, with links to places visited and places stayed in, is to be found on the next page.

Lac Rose and St. Louis

Van crowd at Lac Rose Patrice and salt By the lake St. Louis Ken in St. Louis Trice in St. Louis Trice in St. Louis 2 Ken in St. Louis 2 Inspecting housing Nice house Coffee place in St. Louis Writing cards Hotel interior Hotel interior 2
Ken in St. Louis 3 St. Louis 12 Ken in St. Louis 4 Trice in St. Louis Ken and goat in St. Louis

Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj

Djoudj - the boat Patrice looks for binoculars Pelicans 1 Pelicans 2 Plus cormorants Crocs Pelicans 3 Pelicans 4 Pelicans 5 Pelicans 6 Pelicans 7 Trice in boat


Crowd arrives from nowhere Patrice escapes flies Christine converses

Guet N'Dar, Langue de Barbarie, Hotel Mermoz

Sunset at Mermoz Visit my shop! Room at Mermoz Outside Outside 2 Marabout Rue des Pecheurs Marabout 2 More Advert Marabout 3 Marabout 4 Langue

Cattle market

Cattle1 Cattle2 Cattle3

Touba mosque

Touba 1 Touba 2 Touba 3 Head gear Touba 5 Patrice covered Touba 7


Hospital 1 Hospital 2

Cotton fields

Crowd in cotton field Patrice on crutches Patrice on crutches 2 The van Gambia river

To the Bedik village

Baboa in valley Crops up hill Crowd arrive Sacred tree History Kids queue for sweets Still queueing, no sweets Other sacred tree Daniel Fabric maker Village from afar

To the waterfall near Guinea

Prepare for hike Hervé's poll Poll 2 Hervé uses other poll Christine unpacks Reach falls Falls 2 Ready for lunch Still ready Some swim Lunch Van plus sheep Sheep wrapped up Our truck 'Good Luck' The market Backs More market Yet more

Niokolo-Koba Park and Dar Salam dancing

Sleeping quarters In park Awaiting lunch Another van - note windscreen Getting ready for dance Dancers warm up Unsuspecting onlookers

Siné-Saloum Delta

Ken and Christiane Crowd on pier Crowd on pier 2 Christine hems Our lodgings Mangroves Walk on beach Pirette way down beach Ken ready to paddle Caleche ready
Fluvine and friend Christine and Martial Perfect balance

Siné-Saloum Caleche ride

Front caleche Rest in the shade Local refrigerators Plus pirogue Another village Again

Siné-Saloum sunset

Man with horse Horse to water Pirogue Pirogue 2 Pirogue 3 Mooring Horse refreshed The jetty Accomodation Pier Late evening bathers Night closes in

Joal Fadioou

Guide on bridge Church Shells Old bridge Mixed graveyard Baobab and graves Another baobab tree

Sobo Bade

Cute Courtyard Patrices relaxes Ken and art Patrice still relaxing Room with beach view

Ile de Gorée

Ken on ferry Arrive island Disembark Disembark 2 House of slaves Island view Distant Dakar
Street Slaves Memorial

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