Mali 2009-10

Bamako, morning 24 December 2009

hotel courtyard Bamako hotel hotel balcony hotel room door

To San, 24 December 2009

ransport beauty product junior pot pot observers children tea run for it all study crafts group calebaches work harvest group quiet piglets a crowd

From San to inter-river region, 25 December 2009

hotel hotel 2 hotel 3 hotel 3 rice embankment more rice ferry Bani river river ferry cart pirogue pirogues truck mosque tree baubob mosque Ada picnic group palms palms 2 palms 3 dance audience audience 2 mask Trice Trice 2 dance horse ladies CC great hat band costume chief twigs all join

baubob mother dance dance horse

band communal dance ladies continue drumbeat to tents tent

To Djenné, 26 December 2009

village camp Djenné Trice at Djenné Djenné Djenné mosque mosque mosque Djenné Djenné Djenné sign P.O. mosque
mosque shutter Djenné mosque

Djenné to Mopti, 27 December 2009

mosque shop sign cart carts market market market market sign mosque rubbish Ken Lincoln advert salt boats sign rubbish hotel


From Mopti on pinasse, 28 December 2009

shore fishermen boats mosque landed locals mosque nets Lake Debo camp tent

Continue on pinasse, 29 December 2009

fish fishing migration cowboy locals food camp washing

4-wheel drive from Mopti, 30 December 2009

road works rocks plateau camp Fatima duo for sunset

From Hombori to Douentza, 31 December 2009

washing village forge siesta sculpture roof site roof view

From Douentza to Sangha, 1 January 2010

washing straw house plateau ladies up plateau rocks baubob ass village male dogon sign gate onions village
trice store store 2 door ken

From Sangha down cliff via Ireli to Tireli, 2 January 2010

descend granary village towers cock croc siesta dance dancers stilts masks mask stilts gongs jump more masks stilts masks crowd roof tents mural

Walk from Tireli to Nombori, 3 January 2010

cow cart future ascent village work roof dance dance

Up cliff to meet van, to Mopti via Bandiagara, 4 January 2010

top market mosque restaurant purchase english sunset dusk

Mopti via San to Ségou, 5 January 2010


Ségou to Bamako, 6 January 2010

breakfast pottery Bamako buildings bistro museum recycle red hot scrap scrap cutting tins tops many casting finishing recycled recycle

Departure Bamako airport, 7 January 2010

supporters soccer fans boarding

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