Greenore August/September 2014

9 August: Carlingford to Omeath walkway

9-10 August: Carlingford Oyster Festival

13-17 August: Ship, rabbits, swallows, and Greenore Maritime and Railway Festival

Weekend 23-24 August: Tree felling, Bicycle repairs and the 'Poc Fada' (translation from Irish: long hit) over 5kms on Annaverna mountain

Weekend 28-31 August: Mainly, Dundalk Railway Heritage event on 30th in Dundalk station and remains of GNRI works

September: Tourism with Dee

Mt. Usher Gardens, Glendalough, Cashel, Kerry, Galway and Mayo

Visit to Dublin and Fitzpatricks

The house in late September

Dee and Patrice's visit to Paris

Fitzpatricks, Carlingford and visit to Belfast

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