UK, Belgian and French railwayana

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The primary sources for data on UK railwayana have already been given. My stock is limited to some small items acquired from Collector's Corner and more substantial notices swopped in the early seventies with Tim Petchey - a GNR and a GN&GE Trespass, LTS "Beware of Trains", GW&LNWR Joint Gate Notice, Cambrian Trespass, Cambrian Gate, LNWR Bridge No. 7 and a MR gate notice "Shut & Fasten Gate". With regard to the latter, I have been impressed with the different types of "Shut & Fasten the Gate" which seem to have been produced and I would be interested in getting in touch with anybody who might have examples for sale or exchange.

Belgian railwayana is limited to many small coach items advising passengers not to lean out of the window, smoke or whatever (in many languages). In October I acquired several 2 station masters' (1 early and one modern) and 1 guard's kepis at a model railway fair and these are illustrated above.

French railwayana is represented by cabside and front (BB911), cabside (BB8251), a large makers plate of 1955 (Alsthom, Cie Electro Méch., S-W, Cie de Fives-Lille), a small Alsthom plate, and a Cie Electro Méchanique plate (No. 230-1950). I have yet to obtain pictures of relevant locos and any advice would be helpful.


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