Botswana 2003 - Pictures from others


The trip

The following are some highlights from the superior photos of others grouped into some of the many animals (including a lion - no.5, warthog, giraffe, water buffalo, zebras, crocodile, fish eagle, etc.) and others (group and location). Credits go to Patrice and Renelde.


Beware of elephants Bird Antelope and monkey Zebras Lion Bird

3 Elephants Water buffalo Elephants Warthog Crocodile Hippos

Baby crocodile Elephant Stork Cormorant Fish eagle Monkey Giraffe

Group, location etc.

Crowd in truck Crowd in boat Patrice descends from truck Foot safari Group Foot safari sees something By camp fire

Lodge Small plane Moccorro Sunset over delta Sunset 2 Early morning 4 wheel drive Counting Zimbabwe money

Victoria Falls By the hippos Bird on branch Elephant skull Locals Meal at table


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