South Africa 2004


The trip

The following are some highlights from our December 2004 trip to South Africa. Click to enlarge photos and use back button to return. A detailed itinerary, with links to places visited and hotels stayed in, is to be found on the next page.

Patrice rides ostrich!

Ostrich sequence 1 Ostrich sequence 2 Ostrich sequence 3 Ostrich sequence 4 Ostrich sequence 5 Ostrich sequence 6 Ostrich sequence 7 Ostrich sequence 8 Ostrich sequence 9


Penguin Seal warthog water buffalo springbok lizard giraffe baboon hippo

lion rhino zebra gnu


Carlos late to bus with prawn take away trip crowd zulu instructing sue zulu village


Locations (Joburg, Pretoria, Soweto, Carnivore, Pilgrims' Rest, Blythe River Canyon, Swaziland, Durban, Drakensberg, Foresters' Arms, Boer Memorials, Die Huis hotel .. Cape)

joburg pretoria soweto carnivore restaurant pilgrims' rest gold town blythe river canyon swaziland durban skyline

drakensberg mountains foresters' arms sterkfontein dam golden gate park boer monument womens' memorial die huis - renelde & sues' house die huis - our bathroom

die huis - our kitchen die huis - our living room die huis - our house exterior probably bloemfontein tsitsikamma - our hotel knysna maritime museum, mossel bay stellenbosch market seidelberg winery

spier wine & attraction road to cape to seal island cape point 1 cape point 2 cape point 3 to good hope still hoping! finally


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