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click for 7K .jpg image of CDRJC crest CDRJC crest

Some County Donegal Railways Joint Committee Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: ONS691 £50(+GSR), SRA494 £58, SRA1294 £160, SRA695 £70, small version SRA1295 £95, 31x35cm SRA996 £95, 25x30cm on tin SRA397 £80, on circular block ORA497 £65, SRA699 £120, SOL699 £15, circular metal cut SRA999 £80, 26cm diameter ONS500 £50, mounted early gold leaf pattern coa 34x34cm. SRA902 £105, CDRJC original coa transfer mounted on board. vgc SRA604 £85,CDRJC coa transfer mounted on a painted & lined wooden panel 456x456mm TRA305 £ns, CDRJC original coa, varnished transfer on painted wood panel - 30cm square vgc ONS608 £200, CDRJC mounted coa transfer, featuring a central shield with garter surround, overall 38x41cm, with a red background and beading GCR109 £60, CDRJC coa transfer dominated by a gold shield on which a hand holding a dagger is displayed, the company name in a garter surround, 30cm square presented on a red background, GCR110£110, CDRJC coa STD211 range £120-50, hammer price unrecorded, CDRJC fully titled crest transfer mounted on a red wooden backboard, exc. condition 33x36cms RNT0914 £30, Qty 4 coas:- GNRI; BCDR; MGWR; CDRJC, all mounted on wood JAC115 £250, CDRJC coa GCR215 £28, CDRJC mounted coa GCR815 £20, coa transfer mounted on board - shield shaped. 'County Donegal Railway Joint Committee' this crest was used on locomotive and coaching stock, crest measures 24cm diameter, vgc GNR417 £170, CDRJC mounted coa transfer £5 GCR219, CDRJC coa transfer mounted on a wooden panel in a glazed frame, 33x33cm o/all. vgc, £30 TRA719.

Loco names & fittings: DONEGAL SRA1294 £2350, SIR JAMES RRA593 £900, SRA1295 £ns, LETTERKENNY SRA995 £2500, SRA1297 £2900, ESKE SRA698 £1600, ESKE SRA301 £1200, CDRJC ESKE nameplate ex-loco condition. 33x12cm. SRA1203 £2650, CDRJC MOURNE cast brass 46x12cm, polished and repainted SRA305 £2500, BALLYSHANNON Rectangular cast brass, 87x12cm, restored, SRA605 £3200, CDRJC 'GLENTIES' nameplate 55x12cm ex-loco condition SRA1206 £3000, locomotive nameplate 'INVER', from a Donegal Railway 3' gauge 4-6-0T No 6 built by Neilson & Co, Works No 4575, in 1893 and named after the residence of one of the Railway's directors, cast brass rectangle, 34x11cm, with black paintwork, under which some earlier red is visible GCR1008 £2800, locomotive nameplate LYDIA, ex WDR (later CDRJC) Class '1' 2-4-0 locomotive built by Sharp Stewart in 1882, measures 81x170 cm and has both letters and rim brass riveted to a steel backplate, top rim is clearly stamped 'No 3', the original 1960 receipt accompanies, made out to Patrick Mallon (who was Erecting Shop Superintendant at the GNRI Workshops in Dundalk, County Louth) for 21 shillings GWR512 £3500, brass Locomotive Whistle ex WDR Class 1 locomotive, believed to be from No 3 LYDIA, measuring just over 13" in length and having a barrel diameter of 4cm the receipt accompanies, made out to Patrick Mallon for the sum of £1 GWR512 £290, CDRJC 'GLENTIES' nameplate from a CDRJC 2-6-4T No 17 built by Nasmyth Wilson, Works No 829, in 1907, renumbered and renamed to No 5 'DRUMBOE' in 1937, withdrawn in 1959, cast brass, 55cm long, the front repainted, GCR0414 £2650, brass locomotive whistle believed to be ex West Donegal Railway Class 1 locomotive, 34cm long and having a barrel diameter of 13cm, ex loco condition, GWR316 £190, nameplate, 'INVER', from 3ft gauge Donegal Railway 4-6-0T No 6 built by Neilson, Works No 4575, in 1893. It was taken into CDRJC stock in 1906, their Class 2, and withdrawn in 1931, cast brass, 35x11cm, the front repainted. est£2000-3000, £1000 GCR619.

Makers' plates: Nasmyth Wilson & Co. No 831/1907 ex CDRJC 'Letterkenny' KFR268 £7, Walker Bros. Wigan plate from CDRJC railcar GCR108 £360, A worksplate, Walker Brothers, Pagefield Ironworks, Wigan, from a 3ft gauge railcar from the CDRJC, either No 14 built in 1935 or No 15 built in 1936, the CDRJC was a pioneer in the use of railcars in the British Isles, the first being supplied in 1930 (Walker Bros started in the 1870s as J Scarisbrook Walker & Bros and changed its name to Walker Bros (Wigan) Ltd in about 1880 and were primarily iron founders and general engineers but did manufacture about twenty steam locos and subsequently railcars), engraved brass, 13 cm diameter, fine original condition GCR1011 £420, worksplate Neilson Reid, 6104, 1901 from a 3ft gauge 4-4-4T new to the Donegal Railway, their No 11 named Hercules, on the formation of the CDRJC in 1906 it was renumbered to No 3 and withdrawn in 1933, cast brass, 23x17cm, in original condition GCR713 £3200, a miscellany of builder's plates including W.G. Bagnall boiler plate, an alloy AEI plate, a couple of RH Ruston Hornsby alloy plates, a chromed English Electric plate; a pair of Dutch shedplates, a mining machine worksplate, and, more importantly, a Walker Brothers (Wigan) Pagefield Ironworks Est 1866, circular engraved brass plate 20cm diameter [possibly from a CDRJC railcar] GWR415 £280, Worksplate 'Nasmyth Wilson & Co Limited No 831-1907 Patricroft Manchester' triangular brass, ex CDRJC 2-6-4T class 5 Locomotive No 19 Letterkenny later Finn, withdrawn in 1940 this loco was one of two scrapped out of only 5 built, three being preserved GWR415 £2100.

Signalling: Staffs 'Raphoe-Glenmaquin' SRA493 £300, 'Strabane-Raphoe' SRA493 £250, 'A' config. BRA1197 £225, 'Letterkenny-Glenmaquin' SRA693 £180, ?ebay2000? £na, Signal lamp interior, (L)"M.S." on top but removed from the County Donegal Line, unusual shaped vessel, curved ends, two semi-circle cutouts & flat sides, complete with LM&RS plate, also small wagon plate 'To Carry 10 Tons', ex CDRJC, oval 11.5x7.5cm, front repainted. (2) GCR906 £8, Signal lamp interior, (L)'M.S.' on top but removed from the County Donegal Line, unusual shaped vessel, curved ends, two semi-circle cutouts & flat sides, complete with LM&RS plate, also small wagon plate 'To Carry 10 Tons', ex CDRJC, oval 11x8cm, front repainted GCR907 £8, CDRJC Webb & Thompson miniature steel staff 'Lough Eske - Donegal B', section names engraved onto a brass plate attached at one end, 27cm long with 3cm diameter brass rings around the central steel column, gc, SRA308 £460, CDRJC RSCo miniature staff 'Raphoe-Glenmaquin', a key at one end and the names engraved on a square brass box riveted to the body between the key and the brass rings, overall length 34cm GCR1008 £290, RSCo miniature staff 'Stranolar-Castlefinn', CDRJC, tubular steel with a brass cap engraved with the names and an end tab marked 'D'. The rings have been milled off the staff GCR1008 £120, RSCo miniature staff 'Letterkenny-Glenmaquin', CDRJC, a little longer than normal to accommodate a key at the end, names are engraved on a triangular brass block fitted to the steel body, overall 34cm long GCR1008 £320, Letterkenny Railway gate crossing lamp, interior stamped with the company initials 'L.R.' Brass plated 'Saxby Farmer Ltd Signalling Engineers London' GWR509 £80, a CDRJC metal signal finial, 79cm tall, good original condition, GCR616 est£100-150, £520.

Trespass: CDRJC trespass notice 'CDRJC – Any person trespassing will without further notice be prosecuted Pursuant to 62 & 63 Vic Ch 64 Sec 32. Penalty 40/-'. 50x30cm in ex-trackside condition front and back SRA1207 £920, Donegal Railway Co. Trespass, brass 48x20cm, made for the Knebworth Park Railway and used there only GCR408 £3, cast iron Notice 'Donegal Rly C, Notice, Passengers are requested to use the footbridge & not walk across the rails', in original condition with red on white paintwork, 56x33cm, a hairline crack at the top centre bolthole GCR1008 £430, CDRJC cast iron trespass notice: 'CDRJC Any person trespassing will without further notice be prosecuted pursuant to 62 & 63 Vic. Ch. 64 Dec. 32. Penalty 40/-.' rectangular, 50x30 cm flat topped raised border, rounded corners, repainted front in black on yellow, the back repainted but with a post mark showing through, SRA311 £450, cast iron trespass sign, titled CDRJC 'Any Person Trespassing...', removed from Donegal station at closure in 1960, 51x30cm in original condition GNR1013 £300.

Bridge: CDRJC enamel bridgeplate, '31', black on white, 23x20cm, some edge and corner chips, otherwise good, GCR110 £50

Miscellaneous:1908 Rulebook RCN85-86? £of@12, 4 luggage labels BRA393 £4, 13 labels £ns, 200 waybills BRA694 £ns, framed and glazed notice 'CDRJC This roadway is private property and is solely for... B.L.Curran 1957' BRA1197 £30, Caution and Pilotman ticket (+ GNR 1884 TT) BRA598 £15, range of handbills 1925-35 icl 'Reduced Fares to Glenties, Shallogans, Fintown', 'Aeridheacht Mor at Broomfield Clady' (Special Trains), etc. 14x22cm black on various colours (5) WHY299 £32, Range of handbills County Donegal Railways (2), 14cm x 22cm, 1925-39, a few with torn corners, + Great Southern Railways (Ireland) (4) incl.'St. Kevin's Parish Excursion to Cork 1932' etc. (6) WHY299 £16, Poster 46x61cm Horse Races, Stranolar 2.9.35 black on pink, stations and prices BRA1298 £28, Tourist programme 1911 ONS500 £na, CDRJC 1948 TT poster 56x47cm folds VGC WHY101 £38, CDRJC 46x56 cm letterpress poster 'Excursion Season 1936' with details of various Irish beauty spots. Green printing on white. Folded, good. SRA602 £46, CDRJC 20x29cm booking office display card 'You Will Feel First Class if You Travel First Class - We Provide First Class For You.' Blue printing, creased. SRA903 £28, CDRJC 20x27cm booking office display card 'Excursion Tickets at Very Low Prices to Londonderry, Belfast, Dublin.' Red printing. creased. SRA903 £28, approx. 100 County Donegal with a few other Irish tickets and approx. 65 Isle of Man. All audit Edmondsons. SRA903 £5, Official Railway Company postcards: CDRJC, LLSR, NCC, BCDR, and CIE, (approx 400) ONS1003 £180, Donegal Railway (item 331) undated 3rd car ticket whole Edmondson Rtn Fintown–Dungloe (Sweeney’s Hotel) on white/yellow card. PTA1103 £26, CDRJC 3rd class Free Pass issued 1932, plus LLSR postcard showing map of North West Donegal, unused, torn, plus two small B&W photos of staff and railcar and a Belfast & Ballymena pre-printed letter SRA304 £22, binder containing many hundreds of CDRJC tickets (incl. seasons and ephemera) PTA204 £110, another ticket binder similar PTA204 £110, Donegal Railway 'DRC 1907' 16.5x13cm axlebox cover, break at top, ebay804 £19, Donegal Railway issued 1st Sgl Mountcharles–Strabane (dated 1903) PTA904 £ns, Donegal Railway issued 2nd Sgl Clady–Strabane (dated 1893) Bd PTA904 £30, CDRJC two PTTs dated October 1957 and June 1959. Each 16pp with illustrated covers showing company railcar (2) SRA1204 £34, CDRJC Appendix to the WTT. Red covers slightly faded, 27pp, dated June 1950. Plus 4pp WTT dated June 1958 (very poor condition) (2) SRA1204 £10, CDRJC Rule Book dated 1908. Black clothbound hardback covers, 216pp. Covers worn, contents sound, SRA1204 est.£10 £ns, Co. Donegal Railways incl. Strabane & Letterkenny R. Timetables. 5 Oct. 1959 u.f.n. rail car on cover together with CDR Omnibus T/T 18th June 1961 u.f.n. (2) Rusty staples, MCA605 £na, a number of posters advertising the CDRJC withdrawal of services at end-1959, black and white (61x46cm) VEC1005 £15, four CDRJC stencils (Letterkenny, Strabane, Stranolar and Donegal) used to mark the names of these stations served by the railway on crates, wagons, etc. on ebay1105 £16, DR type ID11 and ID12 luggage labels (8) to a variety of destinations; plus 'Luggage for Shipment' types on green and yellow paper to blank destinations 'via Strabane, North Wall & Holyhead' on the green label and 'Via Greenore and Holyhead' on the yellow example. Mostly vgc. (10) SRA1205 £140, CDRJC detonator canister with brass plate 'C.D.R.J.C' on side & stamped 'Engine No 11', 203mm high,. (No. 11 was 'Hercules' withdrawn in 1933, or ex-CVR diesel 'Phoenix') KRA106 £80, Lot 7 Donegal Railway issued 3rd Emigrant's ticket from Fintown to Londonderry (dated 17/4/1903) PTA106 £210, CDRJC Two hanging card notices: 'Excursion tickets to Londonderry, Belfast, Dublin.' red printing 203x516mm; 'You will feel first class if you travel first class.' blue printing 292x203mm, both undated, second example a little worn, SRA306 est@£10, Finn Valley Railway share certificate for one £10 share dated 18XX, ornate scrolled title, blue print, unissued. SRA306 est@£18, CDRJC 8pp fold-out type glossy leaflet 'Excursion arrangements' dated June 1958, red printing, front showing photo illustration of coastal scene SRA606 est@£5 £ns, CDRJC Selection of approx 2,000 unissued whole tickets from a wide variety of stations, some duplication PTA1006 £65, 1959 Poster - CDRJC Special Excursion to Rossnowlagh Ballyshannon and Killybegs, Bank Holiday Monday 3rd Aug. 1959. Signed by Manager B.L. Curran, printed by Democrat, Ballyshannon, 39.5x26.5cm, MEA307 est£100-150 £ns, CDRJC unused tickets some duplication (2400) GCR507 £24, County Donegal Rlys tourist programme 1915, 44pp, titled card covers GCR507 £26, CDRJC 1957 PTT ebay607 £30, County Donegal Railway, nine items of paperwork including handbills, memos, timetable leaflets and small sized notices, dated 1900s–40s, no duplication (9), SRA607 £90, CDRJC Appendix to the WTT, red covers, slightly faded, 27pp, dated June 1950, SRA607 est£5 £ns, CDRJC, leather bound hardback covers, 216pp dated 1908, SRA607 £65, County Donegal Railways Joint Committee luggage labels of type IC71 and 72 (6) plus Donegal Railways type ID12 label to Bridgetown (7), SRA607 est£10 £ns, CDRJC and GNRI selection of luggage labels covering many types and styles with a concentration of labels to destinations on other Railways in Ireland and mainland UK, some scarcer destinations noted, all different (65), SRA607 £60, Donegal Railway rule book, blue clothbound hardback covers with title in gold on front, 248pp dated 1893, small stain on cover otherwise gc, SRA607 £75, CDRJC: 34 issued whole Edmondsons from 18 different stations, together with 31 issued whole from the SLNCR, covering 11 different stations. Three severed halves are also included in the lot PTA1007 £65, CDRJC train and road motor services TT, 26 June 1950, 6 pps, dog-eared rust stains, ebay1207 £19.01, CDRJC 6 tickets Convoy ebay1207 £3.72, CDRJC 6 tickets Glenmaquin ebay1207 £4.21, CDRJC 6 tickets Letterkenny ebay1207 £3.73, CDRJC: box containing approx. 2,750 audit whole Edmondsons, together with a further box containing a similar number of audit tickets from the SLNCR. Some duplication. This is only apparent in small numbers in the CDRJC tickets, but certain issues within the SLNCR box are heavily duplicated. The latter box, however, also includes 100 issued tickets (Qty) PTA108 £30, CDRJC unused gc tickets in two packs of 250 (no duplication within each pack) (500) RNT408 £24, 12 Irish platform tickets including CIE, UTA, GNRI and CDRJC together with 6 London Underground tickets (18), BON508 est£20-40, CDRJC whole Edmondsons comprising 31 issued including Ballyshannon, Castlefinn, Glenties, Inver, Killygordon, Letterkenny, Mountcharles, Raphoe, Strabane, Stranoriar, Stranolar, etc., 5 pre-dated one-piece Excursions; 4 others including Killens Signal, mostly g/vgc (40) PTA1008 £20, CDRJC Appendix to the WTT red covers, 19pp, dated July 1927, plus similar dated January 1935 and June 1950 (3) SRA1208 £30, CDRJC PTT dated June 1955 16pp with illustrated covers showing company railcar, plus similar dated June 1956 and June 1959(3) SRA1208 £30, CDRJC PTT leaflet dated September 1944 4pp. plus similar dated April, October 1945, April 1946 (4) SRA1208 £65, 3 CDRJC handbills all on coloured paper, advertising excursions, services and Donegal Fair, dated 1920, small string holes otherwise gc. (3) SRA1208 £40, Card Notice 'County Donegal Rlys, The public are informed that excn tickets are issued from this stn at very low fares, etc. Derry, Belfast, Dublin', red on white, 27x20cm GCR109 £22, CDRJC (inc Strabane & L.Ry) PTT , 3/9/1951 ufn, 12pp cover red on cream GCR109 £14, CDR inc S&LR 2nd Sept 1956 u.f.n, 32pp + amend sheet, a fine cover railcar & mountains drawing, edge stain GCR109 £12, CDR inc S&LR PTT 22/6/59 ufn, 42pp, fine cover showing drawing of railcar & mountains GCR109 £26, CDRJC WTT 1/4/59, 4pp. £14, CDRJC WTT 14/6/53, 4pp £18, CDRJC director’s financial report for year ending December 1914. Large sized, 18p, folded, plus similar dated December 1916, rusty staples (2) SRA309 £12, Strabane and Letterkenny Railway Co. director's report and accounts for the half year ending June 1909, large sized, 4p, folded, plus similar dated August 1908 (2) SRA309 £12, Letterkenny Railway Co. cheque, ornate design, lilac coloured print, unused and with counterfoil attached SRA309 £14, CDRJC WTT, paperback, 8pp dated January 1930, SRA309 £40, CDRJC WTT 4pp dated June 1932. Plus similar dated January 1934 (2) SRA309 £12, CDRJC WTT 4pp dated October 1938, plus similar dated August 1942 (2) SRA309 £20, CDRJC WTT 4pp dated October 1945, plus similar dated September 1948 and August 1947, last example very poor (3) SRA309 £18, Donegal Railway dr poster 'The North West of Ireland, Donegal, The land of Tyrconnel, by the Donegal Railway, all information From Mr R.H.Livesay General Manager, Stranorlar, Co Donegal', multicoloured poster featuring seven views, Londonderry station, river and town, Killybegs, a train in the Barnesmore Gap in moonlight, etc. and also featuring the company's coa and a montage of golf clubs, guns, etc. lightly folded otherwise exc. cond. GCR409 £420, CDRJC, unused examples, some duplication but most of the surviving types would appear to be represented (between 5000-7000) GCR509 £190, CDRJC PTT dated June 1952, yellow and red paperback covers, 32pp. SRA609 £24, CDRJC PTT dated June 1953, yellow and red paperback covers, 32pp. SRA609 £55, CDRJC PTT dated October 1957 16pp with illustrated covers showing company railcar SRA609 £10, CDRJC WTT, paperback, 8pp dated October 1930 SRA609 £14, CDRJC small sized timetable poster of omnibus services. 41 x 33 cm, dated September 1963, folded SRA909 £5, CDRJC: Hanging card notice 'Excursion Tickets to Londonderry, Belfast, Dublin. Red printing 20 x 27cm plus similar sized paper notice re no one being allowed on station premises unless ticket holders, etc. both undated (2) SRA1209 £14, CDRJC, Outline time table 1936, for Parties & Trips, 4 panels, photos and map, pink glossy paper GCR110 £6, CDRJC, Financial Accounts & Statistical Returns, 1945, 12pp inc system map GCR110 £1, Donegal Railway Company, Directors Report 1/5/1906, 42pp, with brown card covers GCR110 £40, CDRJC, PTT 1/1/1911 ufn, 60pp + maps, rusting at staples (removed), cover features Killybegs Harbour, Vignettes, (back) loco, arms & sport scenesGCR110 £24, CDRJC, PTT 6 June 1912 ufn, amended as printers proof for July 1913 edition, pink covers GCR110 £10, CDRJC, WTT 7/10/1946, ufn, 4pp. GCR110 £7, CDRJC, WTT 2/4/1945, ufn. 4pp. GCR110 £10, CDRJC, WTT 1/2/1943, ufn. 4pp. GCR110 £18, CDRJC, WTT 31/5/1937, ufn. 4pp. GCR110 £12, CDRJC, WTT 1/6/1936, ufn. 4pp. GCR110 £12, CDRJC, WTT 3/6/1933, ufn. 4pp. GCR110 £18, CDRJC auction catalogue for the sale of the locomotives, railcars, rolling stock, bridges etc on the CDRJC held at Stranorlar station, 1st March 1961. 12pp SRA310 £45, CDRJC 1910 Stranorlar East Cabin Railway Signal Box Chart ebay310 £ns, CDRJC Appendix to WTT 1/6/1923, 26pp, pink covers folded, with corner wear GCR410 £45, CDRJC, withdrawal of railway services 31/12/1959 and new road services 42x56 cm, folded, GCR410 £20, CDRJC financial accounts and statistical returns 1931 11pp with detailed map of the system GCR410 £12, CDRJC TT, 19/9/1938, red title, black text, 51x71 cm, folds, a few amendments, attractive style, GCR410 £30, CDRJC, excursion arrangements, 1/5 to 30/9/1937, four panels with map, times and photo of Gweebarra Bay, black on pink paper, GCR410 £3, Finn Valley Railway hat badge either a porters or a platform guards, last bid ebay310 £60, c.1900 Donegal County Railway brass with cut out monogram 'DCR' brackets for luggage racks in carriages, made by J.Brady & Co. 28x10cm WHY410 €300, Donegal Railway Co. Report of the directors, half year ending 1/5/1905, 40pp, separate sections for each line GCR410 £5, CDRJC PTT 1/7/1915, 62pp, inc. General info black on red covers with slight wear, GCR410£50, CDRJC smaller sized letterpress poster cheap tickets for the sports and regatta at Killybegs, dated August 1934, folded SRA610 £10, CDRJC tickets, unused, some duplicates. (approx. 170) GCR710 £18, CDRJC poster Temporary TT 2/4/1945, inc. connection with GNR(I) and LMSNCC, 44x57 cm, folded GCR710 £ns, CDRJC TT poster, 30 June 1947, with GNRI & LMSNCC connections, 48x56 cm, company name in red print, folded GCR710 £22, CDRJC Omnibus TT (in conjunction with CIE), 1/1/1960, 46x56 cm, folded GCR710 £10, CDRJC Financial Accounts, 1918, 4pp, + 1944,12pp, with large map of system, both 25x38cm. (2) GCR710 £10, CDR financial accounts and statistical returns for 1944, 12pp including map of the line, SRA1210 £18, CDR financial accounts and statistical returns for 1944, 12pp including map of the line, SRA1210 £18, CDRJC PTT dated June 1957, yellow and red paperback covers showing illustration of railcar, 32pp, plus similar dated June 1958 and June 1959 (3) SRA1210 £10, CDRJC smaller sized timetable poster of rail and road services, dated September 1956, plus similar dated June 1957 and April 1959, folded (3) SRA1210 £10, CDR handbill advertising cheap tickets for harvestmen to Scotland, printed on yellow paper, dated April 1929, SRA1210 £20, CDR smaller sized letterpress poster announcing the withdrawal of rail services between Strabane and Killybegs, Strabane and Letterkenny and Donegal and Ballyshannon, dated December 1959, folded, plus a small poster advertising special excursion train to Killybegs, August Bank Holiday Monday 1959 (2) SRA1210 £110, Enamel poster board heading: Donegal Railway Co. in dark blue with white lettering in remarkably gc for its age, but showing some attention to edge rusting and one or two face chips, reputed to be from the CDRJC station at Strabane 107x9 cm, SRA311 £370, CDRJC enamel 'To Railway Station' (with pointing finger) in white on dark blue background, 61x22 cm with holes at the top only to allow sign to swing from rings, in gc with deep colour and shine, a little edge chipping and rusting only, some touched-in, the 'Imperial Enamel Co, Birmingham' makers name shows in the bottom right hand corner of one side, SRA311 £220, Donegal Railway dr poster: The North West of Ireland (anon), a colourful and typical Edwardian poster of Donegal, featuring vignettes and views, to cram as much information as possible onto this poster to promote tourism, sadly, this uncommon poster is unsigned, folded, one or two edge nicks, good otherwise, SRA311 £450, CDRJC hanging card notice re first class travel, blue print, 30x20 cm, gc, SRA311 £60, CDRJC handbill advertising cheap tickets to Derry for the anniversary of the relief of Derry, printed on red paper, dated August 1929, small pin holes and rust staining, SRA311 £22, CDRJC (including Strabane and Letterkenny Railway) timetable booklet, red print on cream coloured covers, 6pp, dated May 1951, vertical fold SRA911 £12, CDRJC WTT. 4pp dated June 1953 SRA312 £12, CDRJC (including Strabane and Letterkenny Railway) timetable booklet, red and black print on cream coloured covers showing company railcar, 32p including adverts, dated October 1957, plus company free pass for all stations (2) SRA312 £30, CDRJC, a collection of 79 tickets, in glazed frame, 76x61cm GCR312 £10, CDR hanging card notice re excursion tickets to Londonderry, Belfast, Dublin, red print, 30x20cm gc. SRA612 £45, CDRJC (including Strabane and Letterkenny Railway) timetable booklet, red print on yellow coloured covers, 12pp and 1pp amendment sheet, plus several pages of adverts, dated September 1953 SRA612 £10, CDRJC WTT. 4pp dated June 1958, folded SRA313 £13, CDRJC appendix to the WTT, red covers, 20pp, dated January 1935 SRA313 £24, Donegal Railway dr poster featuring vignettes of beauty spots on the company system, staining at the top and base GCR1013 £420, CDRJC (including Strabane and Letterkenny Railway) timetable booklet, red print on yellow coloured covers showing railcar, dated October 1957, plus SLNCR PTT booklet, photo illustrated covers showing steam loco and railcar, 28pp dated June 1957, plus seven Irish luggage labels including 4 Ballycastle Railway and 3 LMSR-NCC (duplication), SRA114 £18, CDRJC rule book, clothbound hardback covers, 216pp dated 1908, minor cover and spine wear SRA1014 £12, CDRJC small letterpress poster advertising special train service to Letterkenny 15 August 1934 for the AOH demonstration, central fold and minor edge nicks TRA716 £ns, CDRJC rule book, 216pps. minor cover and spine damage, SRA617 est@£10, £35, CDRJC leather document pouch with brass plates 'Convoy' (on the SLNCR) 'to Stranorlar' GCR617 est£100-200 £210, CDRJC rule book, blue coloured clothbound hardback covers, 351pp dated 1949, SRA1217 est£5, £12, CDRJC (including Strabane and Letterkenny Railway) timetable booklet, red and black print on cream coloured covers showing company railcar, 32p including adverts, dated October 1957 SRA917 £55, Strabane and Letterkenny Railway share certificate for £1357 of 4% Debenture Stock dated 1960!, ornate scrolled title, embossed seal, blue print, not cancelled. plus Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway dividend warrant dated 1914, also Ulster Railway unissued cheque dated 18xx (3) SRA1217 est£10, £22, CDRJC Letterpress poster 'Timetable C.D.R. A.O.H. Demonstration Letterkenny Wednesday . 15th August 1934' ....Details .. times/fares 'signed Henry Forbes, Manager, Stranolar, 1st August 1934', minor creasing/edge wear with 3 small holes, 44x57cm SOL217 £40, CDRJC 1952 poster time table GCR217 £6, CDRJC 8pp fold out leaflet 'Excursion Arrangements', red print on yellow with cover illustration of Rossnowlagh, opens to show map of Northern Ireland with timetable on rear, dated June 1958, marked at top edge of cover SRA318 est£10 £ns, CDRJC (including Strabane and Letterkenny Railway) timetable booklet, red and black print on cream coloured covers showing company railcar, 32pp including adverts, dated October 1957 SRA618 £40, CDRJC 8pp fold out leaflet 'Excursion Arrangements', pink paper with cover illustration of Gweebarra Bay, opens to show map of Northern Ireland with timetable on rear, dated May 1938 SRA618 £24, CDRJC 8pp fold out leaflet 'Excursion Arrangements' blue paper with cover illustration of Gweebarra Bay. Opens to show map of Northern Ireland with timetable on rear, dated May 1938, SRA618 £30, Strabane Raphoe and Convoy Railway share certificate for £10 shares dated 19xx, lilac print, large side embellishment, unissued, counterfoil attached, large stamp cancellation SRA618 £18, Letterkenny Railway Co. cheque, ornate design, lilac coloured print, unused and with counterfoil attached SRA618 £14, Hand drawn and coloured diagram of Donegal Station, 152x53cm, est€60-100 €160 PUR319, CDRJC WTT, 4pp dated June 1935, plus CDRJC Appendix to the WTT, red covers, 28pp dated June 1950. (2) est£10 £15 SRA320, CDRJC 8pp fold out leaflet 'Excursion Arrangements', yellow coloured paper with cover illustration of Gweebarra Bay, opens to show map of the North of Ireland with timetable on rear dated June 1932 est£10 £ns SRA320, County Donegal Railway cast iron Luggage Rack Bracket incorporating the 'CDR' monogram, vg original condition, 26cm. projection £55 TRA1220.

click for 7K .jpg image of WCR crest WCR crest

Some West Clare Railway Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: South Clare (+GNR) ONS691 £70, South Clare garter SRA892 £115, SRA395 £160, SRA995 £85, MTN697 £85, West Clare MTN697 £120, South Clare SRA1298 £90, West Clare 40x31 framed ONS500 £80, South Clare coa 43x46cm SRA304 £90, CDRJC coat of arms transfer mounted on a painted & lined wooden panel 456x456mm TRA0305 £ns, South Clare Railway coa an original transfer, 37cms high, on a moulded wooden panel, 45.5cms square. This is No. 7 from the set of crests of its constituent companies commissioned by CIE in 1945, and while the edges of the panels are uniformly dark green, the background colour and the lining-out are correct for each constituent company, vgc, MEA307 £300, WCR original crest, transfer on painted wood panel, fg - 42x35cm good with small area of peeling ONS608 £90, SCR original crest, transfer on painted wood panel, framed - 41x36cm vgc ONS608 £140, South Clare Railway mounted coa transfer, featuring a winged figure with harp,- gold and black on green background, 46cm square with edge beading GCR409 £20, South Clare Railway coa 42x36cm est€200-300 WHY914 €ns, 'South Clare Railway' coa mounted on a shield shape board 41x46cm vgc reserve £25 £25 GNR1020.

Loco plates: a c/i locomotive cabside numberplate 'G S R No 7c', ex West Clare Railway No 7, named 'Malbay', as carried by a Hunslet 4-6-0T, Works Number 1433/1922 - Renumbered 'GSR 7c' in 1925, front restored, 43x28cm, STA916 £1800.

Axlebox covers: '1911' BRA696 £65, '1912' (with CBPR broken lug) SRA1093 £110, WCR '6x3 Oilbath Axlebox Co Ld Saltley 1924' axlebox cover ebay904 £52.50, WCR cast iron axle box cover, prominently inscribed 'W.C.R. Co. Ld. 6x3" Oil bath Axlebox Co Ld Saltley, 1912', 23x15cm and repainted white on maroon, GCR110 £200, WCR cast iron axle box cover '6x3 Oilbath Axlebox Co. Ld Saltley 1912'. 20x15cm with embossed lettering. g original c, SRA1211 £110, WCR Saltley 1911 axle oil box cover ebay415 £na.

Other: WCR hand lamp KFR268 £3, 3 aspect handlamp Doonbeg SRA1091 £75, WCR Free Pass No.4 1921 to John J. Dudley WHY1299 £220, WCR (item 44) issued 3rd Sgl Lahinch–Quilty (dated 1904) (Bd). PTA404 £110, WCR undated 2nd Express Sgl Corofin–(Dublin) Broadstone (MGW) 'Available by Limited Mail Train' Some staining and loss of paper at one corner. PTA904 £20, WCR undated 2nd and Cabin Sgl Kilkee-London Paddington (GWR). Small stain PTA904 £34, brass/bakelite phone in box, stated WCR ebay1204 £ns, 'Kilmurry-Doonbeg' W&T staff KRA406 £520, Lot 91 WCR 3rd single from Kilkee to Moyasta (dated 30/7/1902, but has Bd), together with return halves from Miltown Malbay to Ennis, and Kilkee to Corofin (dated 12/12/1897), and a GSWR 3rd Class Bathers Ticket from Tralee T&F to Spa, with 'specime' stamped on the back (2wh 2hlf) PTA406 £30, Letter stamps WCR 4d green + LLSR 3d package paid type, unused (2) GCR109 £3, WCR rule book, blue card covers with title stamped into front 177pp plus index, dated 1916, tears to front end page, minor annotations SRA313 £65, 1890 sheet of 24 two pence West Clare Railway letter stamps, unused €130, West Clare Railway coa 42x36cm est€150-200 WHY914 €ns, 3 letter stamps, West Clare Railway 2d green, Cavan & Leitrim Railway 3d red, GSWR 2d green, all unused (3) SRA1216 £10, West Clare Railway handlamp engraved 'W.C.RY' to brass collar, burner absent, has side glasses with bullseye front lens, stands 34cm high £ns GNR1019.

click for 9K .jpg image of CVR crest CVR crest (Source: SRA, with some retouching)

Some Clogher Valley Railway Auction Results:

Coat of Arms: mounted SRA995 £130, CVR original gold leaf garter arms transfer mounted on board. 34x37 cm, SRA303 £150, CVR mounted coa transfer on a black background within a frame, overall 36x41cm GCR108 £110, CVR coa transfer, the company name displayed within a belted garter surrounding an intricate design which includes knights, castles and salmon, 38x43cm;, presented on a maroon background, GCR110 £150, CVR coa transfer, 27x29cm, mounted on a maroon board, overall 33x38cm GCR412 £100.

Axlebox cover: KRA495 £52, BRA696 £69, KRA700 £76, 'C.V.Ry.' face restored. 110x130mm. plus lugs TRA304 £65, CVR cast iron axle box cover, prominently marked 'C.V Ry',15x13cm;, with lugs at sides, the front repainted, GCR110 £240, a CVR axle box cover, cast iron, 15x13cm, the front repainted GCR1215 £250, a CVR axle box cover c/i embossed CV Ry., unrestored 15x13cm SOL216 £100.

Trespass: CVR Enamel trespass notice, Trespassers will be prosecuted penalty 40/- in white lettering on a dark blue background, a couple of large face chips and a few smaller examples have been neatly touched-in, but the sign is generally in gc, the makers name Falkirk Iron Co in the bottom right hand corner 69x38 cm, SRA311 £400, CVR an early enamel trespass sign 'Clogher Valley Railway Trespassers will be Prosecuted Penalty 40/-' with makers name 'Falkirk Iron Co.' to the bottom right hand edge, white on blue with several large face chips & edge rusting, size 69x38cm CRE0414 £600.

Station: Heading white on blue SRA1094 £na, CAL1195 £290, SRA397 £260, Enamel posterboard heading: 'Clogher Valley Railway' 58x18cm in blue with white lettering with deep colour and shine although a little edge chipping and rusting, the manufacturer's name 'Falkirk Iron Co., Falkirk' is present in one corner, SRA607 £1900, CVR enamel sign: 'C.V.R. rail car stop by request' in brown and yellow with deep colour and shine, a little chipping around the screw holes at top and bottom, 38cm diameter, from one of the many stations and halts on the line between Tynan and Maguiresbridge, SRA607 £450, CVR enamel Sign 'Enquiries', with 'C.V.R.' initials to corner, very light edge wear only, very good colour & shine 61x15cms TRA1114 £460.

Buttons: Button nickel 17mm BRA593 £40, 22mm brass Button BRA1196 £26, CVR 16cm white metal button maker J.R.Gaunt & Son, London ebay1110 £53.78.

Miscellaneous: Timetable + BCDR SRA493 £30, TT 1933 (with Waterford and Tramore 1903) SRA294 £42, WTT 1904 BRA694 £18, Wood notice 'Arms of CVR opened 2/5/1887 by Col. Knox..' 25x17cm presumably below coa BRA1197 £ns, Lot CVR postcards regarding ' Goods/price/from' unused 'Committee of Management 1928', plus luggage label 'GNRI to Brookeboro on CVR' with small tear, plus 'CVR Booklet' liquidation 14/4/1942 BRA1299 £31, WTT 5/9/1919 8pp staple missing, SRA302 £65, GNRI & CVR joint timetable handbill for 'New Sunday service' Belfast-Fivemiletown 1934 SRA603 est. £10 and similar joint handbill 'Train connections between Belfast and Londonderry' 1934 SRA603 est. £10, CVR handbill 'Alterations to running on Ballygawley fair days' 1934 SRA603 est.£10, GNR(I) and CVR joint timetable handbill for the 'New Sunday Service' from Belfast - Fivemiletown, dated 1934. SRA903 £32, CVR (item 104) unused whole Edmondsons: 1st Sgl Fivemiletown–Armagh; 1st Tram/2nd Rail Fivemiletown–Armagh. Both in excellent condition. (2) PTA1103 £110, CVR unused whole Edmondsons, all 1st Sgls, all from Aughnacloy, to Belfast, to Monaghan, to Newry and to Omagh. vgc. (4) PTA1103 £20, CVR unused whole Edmondsons, all 2nd Sgls, all from Aughnacloy, to Cavan, Dublin, Monaghan and Omagh. vgc. (4) PTA1103 £20, CVR (item 374) undated 1st Tramway/2nd Railway Excursion Rtn for three passengers Augher– Warrenpoint on white/pink card with horizontal black “zigzag” stripes. vgc. PTA1103 £65, CVR unused whole Edmondsons, all 3rd Sgls: Aughnacloy–Emyvale Road, Aughnacloy– Maguire’s Bridge, Aughnacloy–Monagahan; Ballycawley-Clogher. vgc. (4) PTA1103 £28, CVR (item 94) unissued 1st and 3rd whole Rtns Aughacloy–Bundoran and Aughmacloy–Warrenpoint (one of each class). Colourful. vgc. (4) PTA 404 £42, CVR issued 1st Sgl Aughnacloy– Lisdoort(dated 1903). PTA904 £30, CVR leather covered pass with embossed gold lettering & coat of arms, for first class accommodation, stamped 'cancelled' ebay205 $90, CVR type IC31 luggage labels to: Aughnacloy, Dublin, Londonderry, Newtownbutler, Tynan. vgc. (5) SRA605 £220, CVR Directors Report and Statement of accounts September 1928. Large size, 18pp plus map, detached pages. SRA905 £20, CVR Director’s Report and Statement of Accounts dated September 1917. 7pp disbound. SRA1205 est. £5 £ns, CVR Unissued whole Edmondsons from 3 x Aughnacloy, Ballagh (pre-dated 12/7/1935), Ballygawley, Brookeboro' (joined halves), Clogher, Fivemiletown, together with an issued free pass (dated 24/9/1937), and an unused 1d white punch ticket (10) PTA406 £45, CVR: 20 different ladder style punch type tickets in a variety of colours, with fare values from 1d to 2/- PTA107 £70, Lot 71 CVBT An 11d pink geographical punch ticket tram ticket by Williamson PTA107 £90, CVR WTT September 1887. 8pp, spine taped SRA307 £55, CVR WTT May 1897. 8pp, spine repaired SRA307 £50, CVR 4pp public timetable leaflet of diesel rail coach service, photo illustration of coach on front, dated June 1940, vgc, SRA607 £110, CVR type IC31 luggage label to Dublin, SRA607 £10, auction catalogue for the liquidation sale of the CVR held in Co. Tyrone in April 1942, 19pp, folded, SRA607 £40, Lot 381 CVR audit whole return Edmondsons comprising: a 1st class excursion from Aughnacloy to Bundoran, a blank 1st Saturday to Monday excursion from Augher, an ordinary 2nd return from Aughnacloy to Monaghan, an ordinary 3rd return from Aughnacloy to Dublin, a 3rd Monday excursion Aughnacloy to Belfast, and an ordinary 3rd return from Tynan to Ballygawley (6) PTA408 £30, Lot 49 Irish: CVR-issued 3rd singles from Clogher, Tynan; audit whole from 2 x Aughnacloy, Fivemiletown, Maguire’s Bridge; MGWR-audit single from Castlerea; D&B B&P Co.- 3-piece 3rd Excursion Terenure; GCP&BV Ry & Ty Co.- 17 all different whole, probably issued, but undated. (25) PTA109 £75, CVR Unissued whole from 2 x Aughnacloy (vgc) and Fivemiletown (face scuffed), together with 6 different Williamson punch tickets listing all the stations and halts. The lot also includes a colourful CLR audit excursion ticket from Mohill (10) PTA509 £45, CVR issued 3rd Excursion Fivemiletown to Pettigo (18/5/1929; re-joined / tape) together with audit whole from Augher (tape), 4 x Aughnacloy (1 tape), 2 x Ballygawley, 2 x Clogher, and unused 1/- punch type issue, also includes 7 whole and 2 severed halves from the GCPBV Railway and Tramway Co. (18wh 2hlf) PTA709 £35, CVR three fully headed items; letter from Secretary/General Manager dated 1914, waybill dated 1911, dividend warrant dated 1933 (3) SRA909 res£5 £ns, CVR, PTT Diesel Rail Coach Service, Winter 19/9/1938, 4pp, photos of car and two interior shots GCR110 £45, CVR, PTT 6/6/1938, 4pp, cream, photos of railcar and interior of coaches, GCR410 £14, Clogher Valley Tramway Company rule book, clothbound, hardback covers with title in gold on front, 130pp, circa 1887, gc SRA1212 £180, CVR 4pp public timetable leaflet of the diesel rail coach service, photo illustration of coach on front, dated September 1938, vertical fold. SRA313 £35, CVR all stations free pass, card type with name on front, issued 1929, plus another similar SRA1014 £60, CVR six items of paperwork dated 1907-1934 issued at Aughnacloy, County Tyrone (6) SRA215 £22, CVR first class free pass, oval shaped, leather covers with coat of arms in gold on front, issued to WR Gill of the BNCR and dated 1899 SRA915 £120, CVR 4pp PTT leaflet for the diesel rail coach service, photo illustration of coach on front, dated June 1938, horizontal fold SRA618 £40.

click for 8k CL coa in .jpg format Coat of arms, colours speculative

Some Cavan and Leitrim Railway Auction Results:

Enamel: Two sided station direction sign BRA494 £105, SRA996 £140, same sign but now 'an Irish Railway enamel station sign lettered white on black 'To Railway Station' (with pointing hand). Rectangular, 58x22cm, vgc with only minor hole chipping. Rescued from Inchicore. A pre-War sign' SRA302 £130, similar enamel sign 'To Railway Station' (with pointing hand), no attribution, minor hole chipping KID503 £100, double sided white on black enamel sign 'To Railway Station' with pointing hand, no attribution, made by the Imperial Enamel Co. Birmingham, has 2 hanging holes at the top, and apart from slight chip repairs around these is virtually mint. 56x23cm. HIN1103 £160, Small 'To Railway Station' (with pointing hand) 35x18cm TRA104 £120, CLRR 91x5cm tinplate posterboard heading, the grey with black lettering has faded with age, SRA607 £280, GSR (narrow gauge) 'To the Railway Station' TRA0314 £580 [I would guess Cavan and Leitrim, although see above for CDRJC], Enamel Sign 'To Railway Station' with right pointing finger, white on black with makers name bottom right 'Imperial Enamel Co Birmingham, excellent colour and shine, minor chips only, company unknown [but probably CLR or CDRJC] GWR415 £220, Cavan Leitrim & Roscommon Light Railway & Tramway cast iron axle box cover inscribed 'CL&R RY' GWR1115 £ns, reserve £100, a pair of enamel station direction signs with white lettering on black, which could be Irish, 'To Railway Station' with pointing hand emblem, in gc but with some minor chipping 36x18cm RNT1115 £140, an LMS (as per catalogue, but in RAG recorded as GSR, which I am inclined to believe) double-sided enamel sign 'To Railway Station' (with right-pointing hand), white on black, 36x18cm, a little wear-repair round the fixing holes, but overall vg. (in sale catalogue said to be LMS, but in the past classified as GSR and probably CLR) GCR616 est£100-120, £270, Double sided enamel sign 'To Railway Station' with pointing hand, vgc with good colour and shine, 58×22cm [possibly Irish - CLR] £250 TRA319, direction sign, 'TO RAILWAY STATION' (with pointing hand), enamel, double-sided, excellent colour and shine, minor edge and screw hole chips only est£100-200 £920 GCR920.

Axlebox cover: BRA696 £65, CLRR axle box cover inscribed, 'C.L.&R.Ry', 17x13 cm including side lugs GC1009 £260, a CLR Light Railway and Tramway axle box cover, c/i embossed CL&R. Ry. repainted 15x13cm SOL216 £80, small axle box cover from the Cavan, Leitrim and Roscommon Railway bearing the company initials, c/i, 15x13cm, the front repainted, GCR1216 est£80-120, a CL&RR axlebox cover ebay1117 £na, a small axle box cover from the Cavan, Leitrim and Roscommon Railway bearing the company initials, c/i, 15x13cm, the front repainted, GCR1216 est£80-120 £65.

Signalling: Wise staff 'Mohill-Dromod' and tickets SRA493 £600, Lower Quadrant Signal Arm believed to be from the Cavan and Leitrim Railway, a wooden home blade with cast iron spectacle and back blinder, 127cm long TRA0314 £140.

Miscellaneous: CLR station lamp KFR268 £6, CLR 'Mohill' station sign & Welsh Highland Railway poster header board KFP268 £6, 22mm brass button BRA1196 £26, 2 luggage labels BRA393 £5, brass paycheck 'Cavan, Leitrim & Roscommon Lt Rwy & Twy Co Ballinamore. 39' SRA901 £70, two rail chairs CLC and CLR MTN404 £22 (Note: second also probably Cheshire), CLR issued 1st Sgl Dromod–Lawderdale (dated 1903) PTA904 £30, Cavan & Leitrim Railway Company Accounts November 1918. MTN405 £5, Luggage label, 'C.L.&R.R. Arigna', used only between 1883 & 1887, 11x5cm, slightly dusty, GCA305 £na, Luggage Label, 'C.&L.R, Dublin(Broadstone)', Cavan & Leitrim Rly, 9x4cm, GCA305 £na, C.&L.R. 'Enniskillen' (Black on white) SOM505 £na, CLR (CL&RR heading) type IC11 luggage labels to: Arigna, Dromod, Newry. A little foxing and dusty. (3) SRA1205 £55, CLR luggage labels comprising type IC21 to Pettigo via Clones and to Glasgow via Belfast; type IC22 to Armagh and ten others, mostly vgc SRA306 est@£30, CLR IC22 type luggage labels including Belturbet (2 different), Clones, Drumshambo, Dundalk, Enniskillen, Londonderry, etc; mostly vgc. (11) SRA306 est@£15 £na, CLRR (CL&RR heading) type IC11 luggage label to Newry, plus 14 CLR type IC21 and 22 luggage labels, SRA607 £55, Letter stamp CLR 3d red, unused GCR109 £3, CVR Unissued whole from 2 x Aughnacloy (vgc) and Fivemiletown (face scuffed), together with 6 different Williamson punch tickets listing all the stations and halts. The lot also includes a colourful CLR audit excursion ticket from Mohill (10) PTA509 £45, Cavan, blue/cream, name label for platform lamp 24x8cm with rounded ends, by Strans Transparency Printers, London & Dublin, back paper attached at one end, a nick at the base, rare. GCR110 £80, CLR, WTT 1/5/1924, 8pp with additional info & instructions GCR110 £35, Block of 4 CLR 2d red letter stamps, unused SRA1211 £10, 2 Irish railway letter stamps DSER (4d green), CLR (2d red) both unused (2) SRA612 £130, CLR 24mm brass uniform button showing company initials in script form, F62/1 SRA912 £180, CDRJC 16mm nickel uniform button showing coat of arms surrounded by initials, F61/11 SRA912 £70, CLR first class all stations free pass, leather covers with coat of arms in gold on front, issued to Col Campbell of the SLNCR and dated 1921 SRA114 £70, CLR first class all stations free pass, leather covers with coat of arms in gold on front, issued to Col Campbell of the SLNCR her covers with coat of arms in gold on front, issued to T. Richardson chairman of the BCDR and dated 1922 SRA0114 £55, a CLR Drumshanbo-Dromod ticket GCR0914 £70.

click for 6k CBPR coa in .jpg format CBPR coa

Some Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway Auction Results:

Makers' plates:CBPR locomotive worksplate, Neilson Reid, Hyde Park Works, No 5562, 1899, from narrow gauge 2-4-2T No 5 of CBPR closed in 1932 whereupon the 4 steam locos moved to the CLR cast brass, 23x17cm, in ex loco condition GCR112 £1800.

Axlebox cover: Brown and Marshalls one lug broken (with WCR) SRA1093 £110, CBPR cast iron axle box cover, prominently marked, 'C B & P Ry, Brown Marshalls & Co Ld Builders Birmingham', original condition, 25x18cm, with a lug to the left and hook to the right, GCR110 £290, Axle box cover 'C B & P Ry, Brown Marshalls & Co Ld, Builders, Birmingham' 18x17cm with bolt holes/hinges PUR517 €70.

Pocket Watch: Cork Blackrock & Passage Railway silver cased pocket watch with an going barrel movement with cylinder escapement possibly of French origin. Key wound and set, the dial is enamelled with the company initials CB&PR and the case is marked inside fine silver. In excellent working condition, complete with key £500 GWR320.

Miscellaneous: 1910 Steamers Timetable b/w with red and green WHY198 £130, CBPR and Steamers circa 1900 col. folding map 34x30cm, small split, WHY1299 £100, 6 buttons incl. CBPR WHY201 £60, CBPR (item 314) undated 1st Market Ticket whole Edmondson Rtn Rochestown–Cork with large 'C' on outward and large 'R' on return. A little dusty on front and foxed on back. PTA1103 £85, CBPR (item 374) issued 3rd Circular Tour Crosshaven–Queenstown (dated 1912). Slight (Bd), VGC otherwise. PTA404 £140, CVR unused punch type tickets at a variety of single and return fares between 1d – 2/1d and 'Market' issue. Colourful. vgc (16) PTA404 £60, CBPR issued 1st Sgl Monkstown– Haulbowline (dated 1912) plus WCR issued 1st Sgl Kilrush–Ennis (dated 1908) (faded), and untitled First Single Coupon Rtn 'Bathing' ticket Derry–Buncrana & Back (dated 1887?) (stained)(3) PTA904 £110, Lot 2. CBPR issued 3rd single from Cork Albert St. to Blackrock (dated 5/4/1931), together with unissued 3rd singles from Carrigaline to Monkstown, and Raffeen to Passage vgc except Sellotape on the back of latter. (3) PTA1105 £50, Ticket miscellany comprising CBPR issued bicycle single from Cork Albert St. (Bd), CVR unissued Dog ticket from Auchnacloy and DSER unissued bicycle ticket from Chapel (3) PTA407 £50, CBPR free 1st class pass to S.C.Little 1924 GCR513 £45.

Some Cork & Muskerry Railway Auction Results:

Makers' plates: CMDLR worksplate T.Green & Son No 200/1893 ex-Cork & Muskerry Light Railway GCR0114 £2000.

Miscellaneous: 'Tourist Guide to Blarney' 1910. Pocket guide with text, photographs and timetable. SRA602 £90, C&MR 12pp leaflet 'Tourist Route to Blarney.' Pocket sized, paperback, with photograph of Carrigrohane on front. Dated June 1911. SRA303 £20, Cork & Muskerry Light Railway unused 3rd Sgl Blarney–Victoria on buff card with horizontal red stripe. Faded (seriously) at one end. PTA1103 £30, Cork & Muskerry Light Railway large brass Button (25.5mm), rear shank mounted onto a hollow back. Fine condition (Frog. 62/3), TRA104 £80, CMLR (item 284) issued 1st Sgl Carrigohane–Cork (dated c.1900) on white card with pink horizontal stripe. Some (Bd), vgc otherwise. PTA404 £120, Cork & Muskerry Railway large 26mm. one piece brass Button in vgc. (Frog. 62/3) £65, Cork & Muskerry Railway 12pp leaflet 'Tourist Route to Blarney', pocket sized, paperback, with photograph of Carrigrohane on front, dated June 1912, staining on some pages, minor wear £55 SRA920.

click for 11k LLSR logo in .jpg format LLSR logo

Some Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway Auction Results:

Locomotive plates, etc.: Brass oval locomotive combination worksplate and cabside numberplate 'Hudswell Clarke & Co Ltd - Railway Foundry - Leeds. No 5 - No 985 - 1912' as carried by a 3ft Gauge 4-8-4 No 5 loco that operated on the LLSR, between 1912 and 1953. This engine and her sister unit were the only 4-8-4 engines operating in the British Isles. The two engines were also the most powerful narrow gauge engines, almost as powerful as standard gauge units. No 5 was the last engine to run on the Swilly system as it was used on the lifting train in 1953. It was used for this purpose as it was the only one with sufficient water capacity for the job. The plate is brass, 61cm x 41cm and weighs approx. 1kg. Accompanying this lot is a 1910 Copy of the Railway Magazine, STA118 £4200, Brass oval steam locomotive Numberplate No 12 as carried by a Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway 4-8-0, built 1905 by Hudswell Clarke in Leeds for the Burtonport extension, and scrapped in 1954. No 12 and sister locomotive no. 11 were the only tender engines to ever run on the Irish narrow gauge railways and were the first engines in Ireland to have eight coupled wheels, ex loco conditionSTA518 £ns, Brass steam loco pipe whistle, believed to be off an LLSR loco, as removed condition STA518 £ns.

coach, wagon plates, etc.: c/i coach plate from one of the initial carriages on the Lough Swilly Railway. 22 of these carriages were bought between 1884 and 1889, from Railway Carriage Co Ltd of Oldbury. They were 31ft 9in in length and had 6 wheels on 3 axles arranged on the Cleminson principle, to accommodate the sharp curves on the system, restored condition, STA118 £360, a wagonplate, 'Lancaster Railway Carriage & Wagon Company Limited, Lancaster, England', removed from a LLSR coach, cast iron, 28x13cm, the front repainted, est£100-200, £400 GCR619, Londonderry and Lough Swilly wagon registration plate, LLSR NO 3, 1932, cast iron, 23x17cm, original condition, est£150-300 £320 GCR919.

Signalling: WT staff 'Carndonogh-Clonmary' SRA893 £360, LLSR single line staff 'Buncrana & Tooban' stamped brass plate on each side showing the names at each end of the section in each direction, one end has a brass key attached, the other a steel key of differing design, overall 44cm long, probably of unique design GCR1008 £600, LLSR Webb & Thompson staff, Carndonagh-Clonmany GCR113 £130, Lot 432 A W & T large train staff, Clonmany-Carndonagh, from the LLSR, the final section of the Carndonagh Extension and the most northerly line in Ireland GCR0215 £280.

Trespass: LLSR double sided trespass KFR268 £3, LLSR cast iron 'L. & L.S.R. Trespassers Prosecuted' double-sided for fitting to the top of a post, 53x39cm with a curved top and base, in good ex-trackside condition, SRA607 £580, LLSR (GSWR type) fake small gate, ebay1107 £14.99, LLSR double sided trespass sign 'L&LSR Trespassers Prosecuted', heavy gauge cast iron, 53x38cm GNR1015 £400, a Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway trespass notice, cast iron, 53x38cm, with wording on both sides, repainted GCR618 est£500-800, £ns, for sale at reserve £500,

Poster: with SLNCR SRA296 £na, 1935 Timetable poster WHY198 £30, '1888 Railway and Canal Traffic Act' WHY198 £30, 1 November 1903 TT poster 50x75cm, severed and repaired with tape, large tear unrepaired WHY299 £ns, TT 1 February 1903, incl bw photo of Castle Bridge Bundoran, severed and repaired with tape, large tear unrepaired, WHY299 £ns, LLSR poster 'The Wilds of Donegal' ONS402 £1300, LLSR pocket sized PTT dated April 1923. Green and black covers, 36pp, rusty staple. SRA304 £42, LLSR timetable poster of Londonderry–Burtonport service. 17" x 22" dated September 1939, SRA607 £95, 'L&L.S.R.' cast iron poster board header 55x10 cm, the front has been repainted GC1009 £300, LLSR cast iron poster board heading 'L&LSRy Time Table' repainted in green both sides with white lettering, 53x10 cm in vgc SRA1210 £240, LLSR timetable poster of Londonderry-Burtonport service. 43x56cm dated September 1939, folded SRA1212 £60, LLSR 51x30cm letterpress poster 'Notice of Increase of Rates', dated November 1917, folded, edge tears and wear SRA317 est£10 £35, Lough Swilly Bus Services dr coloured pictorial poster advertising tours to the Donegal Highlands and showing company single decker in a rural scene, circa 1960s, creased and worn SRA1216 £210.

Buttons: silver BRA691 £3, nickel small BRA292 £4, 17mm brass BRA193 £10, Button BRA1196 £10, 22mm brass + 16mm nickel £7, nickel badge £4, 50 17mm nickel on button card BRA793 £ns, 46 nickel buttons (0-6-0 facing left) BRA1093 £15, Motormans + LLSR cap etc. ONS1293 £45, full title nickel 15mm BRA694 £3, nickel 16mm F61.12 AdvRCJ1094 £4, 23mm nickel button ORA198 £15, brass 23mm BRA998 £ns, Button 16mm. (F61/12) TRA202 £ns, "Londonderry & Loughswilly Railway" large 23mm. brass Button in vgc. (Frog. 61/12) £ns £of@45, 'Londonderry & Loughswilly Railway' title & loco nickel Buttons (F61/12). 2 small 16mm. examples in vgc (2) TRA507 £ns, 3 brass Londonderry and Lough Swilly railway buttons (est€100-€150) WHY314 €100, LLSR 16mm nickel button showing locomotive design surrounded by name, Froggatt 61/12 SRA1215 £26.

Miscellaneous: Freight TT 15/10/1949 BRA699 £na, Official Railway Company postcards: CDRJC, LLSR, NCC, BCDR, and CIE, (approx 400) ONS1003 £180, L&LSRY (CE) (so headed, i.e. Cardona Extension) (item 234) undated 3rd whole Edmondson Rtn Rashenny–(blank). Slight water staining and a little dusty front and back. PTA1103 £ns, LLSR all different unissued whole Edmondsons including examples from Buncrana, Crolly, Letterkenny as well as Londonderry. A little dusty(21) PTA1103 £20, LLSR issued 2nd Sgl Gweedore– Londonderry, 3rd Sgl Londonderry–Buncrana and Bicycle Sgls from Creeslough and Falcarragh; together with unissued Sgls from Inch Road, Manorcunningham, Newtowncunningham and Sallybrook. (8) PTA1103 £26, LLSR. Bound volume of Acts of Parliament. Hardback covers (faded spine), 200+pp of acts dating from 1853 to 1935. Some photocopy replacements. Ex-BRB library. SRA1203 est. £30, LLSR selection: 1st Londonderry–Buncrana, 3rd Newtowncunningham–Inch Road; CDRJC: 3rd Cloghan–Ballybofey; DNGR: Dundalk (Quay St)–Bush.(4) PTA904 £30, L&LSRY(CE) undated 3rd whole Rtn Rashenny–(blank). Slight water staining and a little dusty front and back. PTA904 £20, LLSR type IL21 Luggage label: to Newtoncunningham; plus a tie-on Bicycle Ticket label and a two-part pink label “for one portmanteau or box only” price 5p (1/-) used on road services after closure of the railway in 1953. (3) PTA904 £40, LLSR 'Letterkenny to Burtonport' excursion return ticket, slight loss top left ebay805 £2.20, LLSR timetable of Lough Swilly Omnibus Services. Green and black paperback covers showing illustration of company single-decker. 18pp plus adverts, dated June 1956. SRA905 £10, LLSR type IL21 luggage labels to: Fahan, Foxhall, Manorcunningham. (3) £230, MGWR type IM14 (pink) and IM15 (white) luggage labels used for journeys involving a sea passage. Mostly vgc. (6) SRA1205 £20, LLSR timetable of Lough Swilly Omnibus Services. Green and black paperback covers showing illustration of company single-decker. 18pp plus adverts, dated June 1953 SRA307 £30, LLSR, a bundle of 36 Reports of the Directors and Statements of Accounts; f old folio Londonderry (Sentinel Office) 1918-1953, an unbroken run, each with map, mostly unopened & in orig. ptd. postal wrappers. fine, (36) MEA307 £110, LLSR - Rules and Regulations.. 1919, 12mo Londonderry (J. Colhoun) 1919, cloth stained, MEA307 £90, LLSR 1920 12 page annual report ebay607 $12, LLSR unissued 3rd class returns from Londonderry (3 different), Buncrana (3 different) ebay1107 £0.60, LLSR cheque for £1 dated 1914, ornate design, red print, SRA908 £5, Letter stamps WCR 4d green + LLSR 3d package paid type, unused (2) GCR109 £3, Letter stamps DSER 4d green + LLSR Rly 2d blue, unused (2) GCR109 £20, LLSR large red 2d letter stamp, coat of arms + MRNCC 1d green paid stamp, stamped Troopers Lane, unused (2) GCR109 £16, Lough Swilly Omnibus PTT 24/6/54, 36pp, contemporary bus on cover £10, DSER PTT 1/6/1914 ufn, 53pp, map inside front cover, vignettes of Dublin Stations on cover, minor wear inside flyleaf GCR109 £65, LLSR, Omnibus Timetable, 6/6/1939, 64pp, cover notes, etc GCR109 £26, LLSR Bus & Rail TT 10/8/47, 14pp + 7/10/45, 14pp, hole punch top (2) GCR109 £50, LLSR WTT,4/5/1942, 4pp GCR109 £24, LLSR director’s report and accounts for year ending December 1918, large sized, 8p, folded, plus similar dated December 1920, rusty staples (2) SRA309 res£10 £ns, LLSR: An all different selection comprising 7 issued singles, 2 issued whole returns, 13 issued and 1 audit re-joined returns, 33 audit singles, and 61 audit returns. The lot also includes 38 severed halves, some of which have been lightly re-joined with corresponding halves, but not the same serial numbers. Many of the issued tickets have dates in 1914, and some a little earlier. Ballymagan, Church Hill, Carrowen, Clonmany, Gweedore, and Kilmacrena noted in the re-joined / half tickets, of which the condition is variable (117wh 38hlf) PTA509 £120, LLSR pocket sized PTT of bus and rail services, 14pp dated July 1946 SRA909 £40, LLSR pocket sized PTT of bus and rail services 14pp dated December 1945 SRA1209 £55, LLSR pocket sized timetable of bus services, green and black pictorial covers showing company single decker, 18pp plus adverts, dated June 1962 res£10 SRA1209 £ns, LLSR TT 15/4/1920 ufn, 44pp, green covers, a little wear at spine contents excellent GCR110 £50, LLSR Bus & Rail, PTT 14/4/1946, 14pp + 3 1942 single sheets. (4) GCR110 £50, The Wilds of Donegal by LLSR, 1915, TT, Excursions & Guide, 86pp, purple vignettes on cover, slightly dusty GCR110 £24, LLSR Bus & Rail, PTT 7/7/1947 ufn. 14pp. GCR110 £50, LLSR, WTT 13/4/1947, 4pp. GCR110 £18, LLSR: The Highlands of Donegal by Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway, tourist guide 1926,92pp, covers detached/damages GCR410 £16, Strabane and Letterkenny Railway Co., report of the directors, 31/12/1912, 14pp, GCR410 £5, LLSR Bus Services, Xmas Mail Arrangements and Duty Roster 1938 + press cutting re Buncrana Refreshment Rooms (typescript) GCR910 £5, LLSR WTT 2/6/1940, single typescript foolscap sheet GCR910 £3, LLSR pocket sized timetable of bus services, green and black pictorial covers showing company single decker, 15pp plus adverts, dated September 1957, plus similar dated June 1958 and June 1959 (3) SRA1210 £60, LLSR 3 page typescript WTT dated March 1952 SRA312 £10, approx 40 b&w postcard sized photos showing Irish railway views, mostly on the LLSR, varying quality (40) SRA313 £50, LLSR WTT. 6pp dated September 1924 £28, GSWR rule book, brown clothbound hardback covers with title on front, 174pp dated 1904 SRA915 £14, SLNCR first class all stations free pass, leather covers with title in garter design in gold on front, issued to Mr. McCarter of the Burns & Laird Lines and dated 1926, plus two part paper type free pass for LLSR services dated 1961 SRA316 £30, Original drawing by GNRI of the general arrangement of Railcar 'A' dated May 1932, a framed colour photo of Railcar No 19. CDRJC 1930s, a printout showing some history of railcar development in Ireland for background information only, a framed B&W photo of LNER Class A1 4-6-2 No 2547 'Doncaster' 1932, 2 different LLSR postcards from early 1900s, a LLSR Company cheque to Cammell Laird June 1914, a Letter from John Kelly, (Coal Importers) to LLSR quoting the cost of coal delivered to Fahan with comments by LLSR rep at the bottom, 17 LLSR Letter stamps, plus 1 LLSR Newspaper parcel stamp - a. Large red, 1898, 2d. 2 stamps (vertical pair) 2 stamps (horizontal pair) and one single stamp, b. Small red, 1889, 2d. 4 stamps (block of 4), c. Light blue, 1891, 1d. 4 stamps (block of 4), d. Dark blue, 1891, 1d. 4 stamps (block of 4), e. 1 single Newspaper parcel stamp 1d, a price list from David Feldman, Dublin, dated 1973, detailing Ireland Railway stamps, for Information, a copy of 'The Donegal Annual, 1952' containing an article on the railways of Donegal LLSR included, a holiday brochure issued by LLSR in 1935 for 1 weeks touring Donegal and area, full accommodation and travel, cost £4 9s 6d, £ns, qr poster. 'Northern Ireland seven days carefree tour', Summer 1952, STA118 £ns, Two engraved copper printing plates for producing company headed paper, one plate is for 'Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway Company' with a steam train logo and spaces for the signatures of 2 directors and a secretary. The plate is 20.6x6.4cm The other is for 'Lough Swilly and Letterkenny Railway, also dating the paper with 188... The plate is 12.7x6.5cm, STA118 £180, Brass engraved motor launch plate, 'Aberfoyle'. The registration plate came off the US Navy launch that was acquired by the LLSR for the Fahan to Rathmullan ferry service that the company ran in conjunction with their train service. This launch came into service in 1947. It was the second vessel on the service to bear the name Aberfoyle. The first came into service in 1913 and operated for 2 years before being requisitioned by the navy and never returned, 16.5x5.7cm, STA118 £94, Edmondson wooden ticket cabinet with two opening front doors with 100's of specific multiple tickets from the early 1900s, used in the Londonderry Station of the LLSR, STA118 £580, Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway type IL21 luggage labels to Dumfries, Letterkenny (2) est£10 £35 SRA920.

click for 3k TDR coa in .jpg format TDR coa (Source: © G. Hartley (scan RCJ)

Some Tralee and Dingle Light Railway Auction Results:

Signalling: Tyers No.5 Tablet Annascaul-Dingle BRA493 £685, Brass single line tablet 'Castle Gregory Junc-Annascaul' 7' 10cm diameter PUR0517 €520, TDLR Tyers No.7 single line tablet 'Annascaul-Dingle' (brass) GCR918 est£300-500 £1600, ,

Miscellaneous: Loco headlamp ONS1192 £418, 1934TT BRA998 £10, TDLR (item 4) unissued 3rd Sgl Castlegregory Jct–Derrymore. Slight (Bd) vgc otherwise. PTA404 £170, Tralee & Dingle Goods Invoice 1896, approx 44x17cm, slightly grubby RAG905 of@£6.

Some Giants Causeway Auction Results:

Tickets: with Thetford and Walton SRA987 £26.

Other: TT 1935 grubby RCJ1199 offers £6, Giants Causeway Electric Tramway TT. 4pp, dated June 1949 PTA104 £32, , Giant's Causeway Tramway a selection of 15 whole Edmondsons, five severed halves, and ten thin card punch tickets all different and at least half have evidence of genuine use vgc. (30) PTA407 £30, Giants Causeway Electric Tramway, TT, 1/10/1945, times and fares, 25x41 cm, GCR410 £40, Giants Causeway and Portrush Electric Tramway, PTT 5/7/1943, 4pp, folding inc. Route description, GCR410 £24, GC&PE Tramway, PTT June 1939, 4pp, Times, Fares, Itinerary, Adverts. GCR110 £45, GNR(I) two part paper ticket for the Portrush Electric Tramway between Portrush and Giant's Causeway and back, intended for issue at Crumlin station, blue paper, dated 189x, unissued SRA918 est£10 £14, Giant's Causeway and Portrush Electric Tramway (Premier Electric Tramway) small sized 8pp public timetable leaflet, dated June 1908 £55 SRA919.

Some Bord na Móna Auction Results:

Locomotive: light alloy builders' plate 'Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. Ltd./Caledonian Works/No.2264/1949/Kilmarnock', painted green, believed Bord na Mona, WHY101 £withdrawn.

Some Irish Sugar Company Auction Results:

Locomotive: 'Thurles' plate, ebay802 £201, Orenstein and Koppel Berlin No. 12664, 1935 worksplate together with Comhluct Siucre Eireann Teo Tuam and OK emblem. Worksplate 34x13cms, owners plate 27x15cm, emblem 18x11cm, each cast brass GCR617 est£500-800 £1600.

Some Other Irish narrow gauge and other Auction Results:

Locomotive: 'Gabriel' Schull & Skibbereen Light Railway nameplate built Peckett Works No. 1085 in 1906, 71x16cm vgc front lightly polished, the back ex-loco apart from a small section painted red SRA906 £3000, Rectangular brass on steel backplate loco numberplate '21' from a Guinness Brewery 0-4-0 steam loco that ran on the 2' 3'' Gauge internal Railway on the Guinness site in Dublin, one of 24 built between 1875 and 1921 with the last 17 being built by William Spence at the Cork Street Foundry Dublin, No 21 was delivered in 1905 and had been scrapped by the mid 1950's unrestored 15x11cm RNT0914 £180, a Dublin and Blessington Tramway Co fully titled coa mounted on a green painted wooden backboard, gc, 48x48cm RNT1115 £ns, Mounted coa, Dublin & Blessington Tramway Co. GCR216 £40.

Signalling: Small cast iron signal spectacle complete with original red and green glasses. Possibly Irish narrow gauge. vgc 409mm. wide o/all spectacle frame TRA504 £32, Bessbrook & Newry Electric Railway 3-aspect handlamp, body stamped "BNER" carries an oval makers plate 'G. Polkey Limited Manufacturers Birmingham 1911'. Complete with vessel; brass/ceramic burner; reflector; all glasses; brass rim and re-entrant top handle, original condition SRA1204 £160,Schull and Skibbereen crossing gate lamp (small unmarked four bullseye - 2 red, 2 green from the collection of J.I.C.Boyd) GCRA809 £96, early three aspect handlamp from the Timoleague and Courtmacsherry Railway, complete with its interior fittings but lacks the red glass, one of the side catches bears a large brass plate 'Timoleague, 3', copper bezel and piecrust top, front glass is cracked GC1009 £440, a small but substantial crossing gate Lamp from the Schull & Skibbereen Railway, features four bullseye glass lenses (2 red and 2 blue), lacking vessel but very good unrestored condition and rare TRA0314 £250, Bessbrook & Newry Electric Rly. 3 aspect handlamp, body is stamped 'BNER' and plated 'G. Polkey Limited manufacturers Birmingham 1911', the body and aspect drum are also stamped 'MR Co.', perhaps purchased by the Midland because of an order cancellation by the BNER, a scarce lamp in vgc., complete and unrestored, TRA0814 £ns ofs@£200, Cork and Muskerry Railway 12pp leaflet 'Tourist Route to Blarney', pocket sized, paperback, with photograph of Carrigrohane on front, dated June 1911 SRA317 est£10 £140, Small 5cm Key. brass tag 'Gnnss Siding Gate' (Guinness?) PUR517 €35, a Tyers No 6 single line tablet, 'Ballymena-Balleyboley' (alloy), from the 3 foot gauge Ballymena Railway, the route closed in 1940, a little wear to the lettering GCR1218 est£200-350 £300, .

Notices: Bessbrook & Newry Tramway Co. gate notice KFR268 £3.

Other: Kitson & Co Leeds 1908 ex Castlederg & Victoria Bridge Tramway KFR268 £6, LBR (item 84) issued 1st Sgl Ballybunion–Lisselton (sic) (dated 1900) on white card with horizontal pink stripe. Slight (Bd), excellent otherwise. PTA404 £250, LBR (item 341) 3rd whole Rtn Listowel–Ballybunion on blue/pink card, undated but apparently issued. Slightly rubbed, good overall. PTA404 £190, SST (item 124) unissued whole Bicycle Rtn Balleydehob–(blank) in vgc, although stamped 'Spec' on back and a little paper residue. PTA404 £150, Ballycastle Railway issued 2nd Sgl Dervock–Ballymoney (dated 1897). slightly faded. PTA904 £100, Ballycastle Railway type IB11 luggage labels all from Ballycastle to: Larne Harbour, Limavady, Portstewart vgc. (4) SRA605 £55, Ballycastle Railway type IB11 luggage labels all from Ballycastle to: Ballymoney, Portrush, Larne vgc. (3) SRA905 £60, Lot 252 Schull & Skibbereen Tramway issued 3rd two-piece return from Ballydehob to Skibbereen (dated 26/7/1923) on mauve/pink card, vgc PTA106 £90, Finn Valley Railway large 26mm. gilt 'FVR' ornate script Button. Back marked 'C&J Weldon London' vgc (F61/8) TRA207 £150, Ballycastle Railway type IB11 luggage labels from Ballycastle to Larne, Portstewart, hinge marks on second example(2), SRA607 est£10 £ns, Ballycastle Railway type IB11 luggage labels from Ballycastle to Larne, Portstewart, hinge marks on second example, plus BCDR type IB22 luggage label to B'hinch Junction (3) SRA309 £18, Ballycastle Railway, First Class Free Pass, 1897, issued to William Getty and signed by The General Manager, 'No 8', brown leather, gilt company name and gilt coat of arms, excellent condition, 9x7cm, folding in half GCR509 £210, DUTC 1d named stage tram tickets from all different lines comprising (16) PTA1009 £45, LMSNCC: nine audit whole for journeys over the line of the former Ballycastle Railway and 4 rail motor type Edmondsons (13) PTA1009 £40, LBR: A 9 x 7cm 1st class paper free ticket made out to a Mr and Mrs Sekon for a journey from Listowel to Ballybunion and back on 3/7/1917, however, the ticket, which is numbered 367, has a pre-printed date of '188', indicating that it was printed for the opening of the line, the lot also includes a DWWR (CofDJnR) 5 x 6cm 1d excess receipt issued at Tara Street Station, which has been mounted on card (2) PTA1009 £45, Bessbrook & Newry Tramway Co Alterations handbill 6/10/1947,landscape format GCR110 £35, Bessbrook and Newry Tramway Co. used letterhead 1947, re timetables, GCR110 £2, Bessbrook and Newry Tramway Co, used letterhead 1947 re timetables GCR410 £3, Castlederg and Victoria Bridge Tramway Act, 1883, 22pp, Concerning construction of line in Tyrone GCR110 £6, Castlederg and Victoria Bridge Tramway Co, report of directors 31/12/1920, 19pp, including a detailed map of the route GCR410 £15, Two Ballycastle Railway dividend warrants dated 1897 and 1901, plus Navan & Kingscourt Railway share certificate for one £10 share dated 1871, all attached to card (3) est£5 SRA910 £na, Memorandum on Three Feet Gauge Railways in Ireland, Approved by Chairman of CLR, CVR, West Donegal, Finn Valley & Tram Co's 8pp, 1/8/1889 GCR110 £30, Irish enamel sign, 'To Railway Station', double sided, as used at stopping places on the narrow gauge lines 36x18 cm, some edge chipping GCR410 £240, CVBTC (Castlederg & Victoria Bridge) small poster type PTT. 33x23cm, two small string tears along top edge, dated June 1932 folded SRA312 £140, Lartigue Railway Construction Company Limited larger sized share certificate for 'A Shares' dated 1887, ornate border, engraving of single rail loco and train top centre, embossed seal, not cancelled, folded, discolouration along r/h edge. GCR1013 £65, Schull & Skibbereen TLR train staff ticket for use from Schull to Ballydehob, unissued, SRA1014 est£10 £ns, Schull & Skibbereen Tramway and Light Railway train staff ticket for use from Schull to Ballydehob, unissued SRA1215 £ns, CIE Narrow Gauge wagon axlebox cover, rectangular, c/i c/w, fixing lugs and embossed C.I.E. within border to front. repainted front, 21x19cm SOL217 £25, CVBTCo pocket sized, 6pp fold out type, thin card timetable, dated July 1907, small tape mark on centre page otherwise gc. SRA618 £90, Listowel and Ballybunion Railway 51x15cm timetable poster for July 1907, edge wear and fading, fragile SRA918 est£10 £380, Dublin and Lucan Electric Railway pocket sized 6pp fold out public timetable, dated May 1908 £140 SRA919, Dublin and Blessington Steam Railway public time and faretable booklet, paperback, 36pp plus fold out map, dated May 1908, £140 SRA919, Listowel and Ballybunion Railway guide book to Ballybunion, pocket sized, card covers, 12pp. undated, covers slightly faded, centre pages detached £55 SRA919, Dublin and Lucan Electric Railway pocket sized 12pp fold out time and faretable, dated March 1884, est£10, £50 SRA1219.

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