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These web pages, now into their twenty fifth year in September 2020, are mainly on Irish railway memorabilia (for transatlantic visitors - railroadiana), with information on the market for brass, enamel and cast iron signs (updated most months), gradually expanding to other items, grouped under:

  1. The overall market for Irish railwayana 2018- (earlier comments are at 1996-99, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2004-05, 2006-07, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2012-13, 2014-15, 2016-17
  2. Irish Standard gauge - North (GNR,DNGR,NIR,SLNCR etc.);
  3. Irish Standard gauge - South (CIE,GSR,MGWR etc.);
  4. Irish narrow gauge railways (railroads)(CDRJC,WCR,CVR,CLR,etc.).

click for 30K .jpg image of DNGR gate notice DNGR gate notice. Source: TRA719

Limited information is also given on UK, Belgian and French railwayana, together with some resources for Irish luggage labels and tickets. Other interests covered are model railways (model railroads) and DCC Lenz system. Sometimes the Miscellanea page seeks input on unusual material, but nothing of late.

2K .jpg links icon are also provided, and checked and updated generally on a regular basis (most recently on 26/10/16). If lost,click on the 'Site Map' 1.4K .jpg image site map icon icon at the end of each page for navigation choices. You will also find a site search facility on that page. Various photos of Irish railwayana (gradually relegated from page 2) complete the pages. This is just a sampler for the much fuller information on the second general site. You can e-mail me at home. This site is down for the moment. Any photos of Irish railwayana would be particularly appreciated (up to now one contributor accounts for the majority of extra photos!). These could be scanned and inserted into more comprehensive pages on the varieties for individual companies.

A more detailed Irish railwayana site, which went on line on 27/7/97 (originally on geocities - but as of August 2004 that version was gone), treats most Irish railway companies separately. While the site id down for the moment, it has short potted histories of companies and illustrations of 1171 (at last count in November 2007, but increasing by the year) Irish signs etc. Some company pages are fuller than others. It is advisable, if working on a slow connection, to check on the index page (where the size of text and graphics files are indicated) for the extent of the graphics download. A third site, dealing with genealogy, principally the Dublin Lenn*ns, has now been up and running since 1999 on rootsweb (a mirror image is on this server together with more recent photo pages).

new graphic After failing to update later than March the 2018-19 'Overall Market' page is now up to date. A mid-March 2019 major update included recent results including those at Purcells on 12-13 March 2018. There were further updates through to 3 August and subsequently in September and 8 December 2019 as well as in January, February and June 2020. Data on prices in the individual company sections were brought up to date to end-2018. The links page was last checked at the end of August 2019. Many broken links in other pages have been eliminated. Please excuse any that remain. There is still, as of October 2020, a glitch with companion site which was quite out of date and was slowly being updated. Hopefully I the registered site name with one company matched up with the data hosted on another company's site soon.
This site's previous host(Innet, then Uunet) became Tiscali many years ago and then Scarlet. The paid-for host for this particular owned site (www.lennan.be) provides large storage capacity and is now the only reference site. Updates will always be here.

Apologies for the limited expertise in html, poor photographic skill and grossly inadequate standardization of images. Credits for the early auction data goes to the Railway Collectors' Journal (RCJ). The RCJ announced that from end-2005 material would be published on the Prorail site rather than in printed form. The monthly Railway Antiques Gazette (RAG), with much of interest to collectors, was published since since September 2003, but has wound up, as all good things do. The last publication was for August 2018. It was published by Tim Petchey and was available by subscription (but not any more, although back issues of that Bible may be available), and cost £3.95 per issue plus overseas postage, from the RAG Office, 23 Gloucester St., Winchcombe, Glocs. GL54 5LX. Talisman Railwayana Auctions (TRA) are held every few months. Kiddlington (KRA) auctions, which previously was perhaps the most consistent venue for signalling items, is now part of GCR. Onslows too is online, with some great pictures of posters, a specialty of this location (but save them before they disappear). Another early source for many images is the colour catalogue (but images then can be pretty basic), from Sheffield Railwayana Auctions (SRA), mailing address: 4 The Glebe, Clapham, Bedford, MK41 6GA. SRA has now been acquired by GCR but will continue to be run as before. Abbreviations used in auction results are BIT & BT - Bitton, BON - Bonhams, BRI - Bristol, BRK - Brookside, CAL - Callanish, CHF - Cheffin's, CHO - Chorley, CHR - Christies, CRW - Special SRA/BRA Sale, CRE- Crewe, DRE - Dreweatts, Bristol, GCA/GCR - Great Central (Railwayana) Auctions, GIL - Gilding's, Market Harborough, GLO - Gloucester Railwayana GNR - Great Northern Railwayana Auction, GRA - Gloucester Railwayana Auctions, GWR - Gloucester Worcestershire Railwayana, KID - George Kidner, Pennington, KFR - Knight, Frank & Rutley, KRA or ORA - Kiddlington (Oxford) or Kidlington Railwayana Auctions, JAC -Justa clickago Auctions, LO - Loughborough, MEA - Mealys, MCA - Midland Counties Auctions, MKA - Matlock (Midland), MRA - Midland Railway Auctions, MTN - Malton (Cundall's), ONS - Onslows, PPC - Paperchase, PHI - Phillips of Solihull, PRO - Prorail, PTA - Paddington Ticket Auctions, PUR -Purcell's, Birr, Co. Offaly. RCA - Railway Collector's Newsletter Auction, RNT - Railwayana.net, RPA - Railway Preservation,Keynsham, RAUK - Railwayana Auctions UK, RRA - Railway Relics Co., RUG - Vectis/Potter, Rugby, SHM - Smith, Hodginson & McGinty, SOL - Solent, SOM - Somerset Railwayana Auctions, SOT - Sothebys, STA - Stafford, STD - 'Stop the drop' Auction, STK - Stoke, STL - Southall, STN - Stoneleigh, THR - Thirsk Railwayana Auction, TRA - Talisman Railwayana Auctions, VEC - Vectis, WHY - Whytes (Dublin), WT - Watford (Cundall's). More generally in these pages, TT are timetables and Adv refers to items advertised for sale in the named publication, up to recently in the Railway Collector's Journal. Where Froggatt (Railway buttons, badges and uniforms, 1986) references for buttons are available, they are indicated with 'F.' plus number. Dates are always in month year format, i.e. 894=August 1994. Posters give indications of size where available (e.g. dr=double royal). Price abbreviations include £ns (not sold), £of (offers), £forx (for exchange), £of@ (offered at) and £wd (withdrawn). Publications covered include Trackdown (TCK) and Railway Collectors' Newsletter (RCN) - the predecessors of RCJ and RAG. Relevant information given in catalogues is reproduced, rather than being interpreted. Inches are, however, converted to centimeters or mm, but conversions from some sites where indeterminate fractions are inexact, since these fractions will be automatically converted as equal one half inch (not three quarters or a quarter inch).

Copyright ©: The material on this website is subject to copyright. Copyright in images, etc., where an external source is indicated, belongs to the original owners of that material. Where no external source is shown, permission is granted for use of material on this site for non-commercial purposes, on the basis of an acknowledgement of source.

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